Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My How Time Flies

It seems to have been quite a long time since my last blog post.  These things happen.  A quick run-down of the in-between time with some pictures:

- I had 5 warts cut off of my foot.  That was on December 18th.  I'm still very much in recovery.  I had no idea.

- Ranger had her newest tumor removed.  She had it done under sedation and it was much cheaper (although, still, yikes!) than the last experience, not to mention there doesn't appear to be a scar.

- Davan spent time with friends at various open workouts, swimming and sleepovers.

- We had company for Christmas.

- We made gingerbread cookies and everyone helped to decorate.

Davan really loves her Oma.

- Davan had her closing weekend and cast party.

Each cast member got a mixed pair of socks as a closing weekend gift.

- On Christmas Eve, we had a scare.  Ranger seemed to have been poisoned.  She threw up, was leaking pee, was listing to the side along with several other symptoms.  Because of the timeline, which included us being out for a couple of hours, by the time we figured it out, it was too late to induce vomiting and we didn't know what it was.  I was feeling about 75% sure she'd pull though, but we really didn't know for a while.  Then, suddenly, she did.  We've been thankful ever since.

- Christmas Eve at my MIL's (with one of my aunts staying home to keep an eye on Ranger)

Putting out the stockings when we got home.

- Christmas!

Anxious anticipation!
I had Davan in our family Secret Santa drawing and I made her a travel themed "stocking."
Anthony's traditional Coco Pebbles and Cream (this year it was half and half).
Anthony got his nails done.
Davan put us all in hijjab.

- Our company started leaving on the Thursday after Christmas.

- New Year's Eve

- We've gotten back into puzzles.  We used to do them all the time, but we haven't much at all in the last couple of, ahem, years.

- Davan sinking huge amounts of time and energy into applying for several different 100% scholarship programs to do an exchange next year.  Her top choice is Ghana!  We really have no idea of her odds of getting in, but it's better than the odds for getting into the circus school for sure.  She just keeps trying to leave home.

Places under consideration for exchange at one point.

- Back to work for me.

-Davan is gearing up for her trip to Europe.  As things stand, with her ticket purchased, she's leaving on Feb 1st for three weeks in Switzerland with Lena followed by two weeks in Germany with my mom, who will be there for work. 

- And, of course, puppy snuggling.

Whew.  Now I'll try better to keep up.  :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I have missed so much. Davan is GORGEOUS! She seems to have grown 3 years since I saw a picture of her. I can't believe she is going on such an amazing trip! Wow!! Love all the Christmas pictures. Looks like you all had such fun. Poor Ranger. Hope he is doing better now. I just love all the things you do, all the family oriented things. It is so wonderful. Nice to catch up friend!!

  2. Finally go to at least reading this post. Maybe more tomorrow. Love seeing all the pictures.

  3. It looks like the sweaters are getting some good use too. Good thing she will need them in Europe.