Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Was Not Going to Ride This Morning

I was feeling pretty tired last night. I'd wanted to do some strength work last night, but I was feeling a bit run down and I was really into my book and when I got up to do a little, starting with active stretching, I just wasn't feeling the love. I realized I'd ridden or hiked every single day for something like two weeks. I decided I'd take a rest day today. I'd get up and do a little yoga instead.

However, I got up this morning and it was not windy and not raining and I was feeling pretty good, so I went riding anyway. I just did an easy 10 miles on the Springwater Corridor, which is nice and flat. It felt good and I'm glad I went. Even though I wasn't going to ride today.

Maybe tomorrow I won't ride. It is supposed to be raining...

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