Friday, October 16, 2009

My Knee

I stopped talking a lot about my knee on my day by day accounting, but it continued to be an issue. My poor left knee hurt the whole trip, sometimes keeping me up or waking me up at night, but mostly just when I rode. For the whole trip, I took Advil with breakfast and lunch to help take the edge off (that was all it did) and, by the end, took it with dinner, as well. I didn't want to be overdoing the Advil, but it was hurting and warm to the touch, so it needed to happen.

We got back on Friday, just did the 3 mile round trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, then took a recovery ride on Sunday. On Sunday, I rode my road bike rather than my touring bike. It was remarkable how much higher my saddle was and how comfortable that felt. We moved the seat up on my touring bike. Low and behold, my knee stopped hurting when I was riding. Why didn't we check that out sooner?

My knee continued to be painful off the bike when doing certain things - some stretches, tucking one leg under the other when sitting, if I couldn't put my feet flat on the floor when sitting in a chair, that sort of thing - but was well on it's way to recovery.

The Harvest Century ride last Saturday caused it to flare up again starting at about mile 40, but it's settling back down quickly this time. It's still not totally right, but it's pretty close.

I'm sad that we didn't figure it out earlier and that it caused me pain the whole trip, but I'm still really glad I pushed on and did it.


  1. Crap! You mean if I'd just moved my bicycle seat up I wouldn't have gone through the last six months with knee pain?