Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm Back

I'm back from my trip, Chris left early this morning (sob) and I'm working on getting through emails, putting the house back in order and spending some time with Davan. I hope to get around to posting day 18 soon, but, it may be tomorrow before it actually happens.

Meanwhile, Chris and I had a great three day cruise. Too bad we can't afford it every time we get together! We walked around Victoria in port on Saturday, but didn't get off the ship at all on Sunday, choosing instead to play cards in front of huge windows, looking at the view and to spend four or more hours in a very nice hot tub type deal in the spa - very relaxing.

Now, I say we walked around Victoria, but, in some cases, that was a loose interpretation:

This turned into a bit of a series:

But, I will not bore you with them all.

Davan and Anthony had a good weekend together, spending some of their time creating this in the garage:
This is what all those hours of Do Jump gets us:

Chris and I spent some nice girl time with Davan when we got back, going to the Chinese Garden:

and doing a little eating out.

Now, once again, it's time to get back into the swing of regular life. :)

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