Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Did It!

We successfully completed our rides today at the Harvest Century! In fact, Davan and I did over 75 miles. The ride turned out to be a 76.2 mile course, on top of which we did a little detour, adding just over five miles. We miss read one of the pumpkin symbols leading the way, along with a group of about 20 people, and ended up having to backtrack. Ah well. 82 miles is even more of an accomplishment.

Davan was one of two 11 or so year olds who did the 75 mile ride. Every one else was an adult. I didn't even see any teenagers. Go Davan! Everyone kept asking her, "How old are you? Are you doing the 75? Wow!" It was quite an ego booster for her.

Anthony did the 102 mile course with a very respectable time - about an hour and a half faster than Davan and I took to complete our 82 miles, ahem - but it wasn't his fastest time. We were battling a serious headwind on the second half of the course, which made things fairly difficult.

Additionally, Anthony rode all by himself for hours at a time. He finds that he usually performs better when others are around. Not only do riders draft off of each other, making it easier for everyone, but passing and being passed is quite motivating.

The reason, though, that he was riding alone for such long periods of time was because he was way in the front of the pack, even though he started a good 20 minutes after Davan and I did, which was, in turn, about a half an hour after the course opened. I can't feel too sorry for him.

Davan also had her performance this evening, which went really well. She was quite up for it even after the 82 miles, which is more than I can say. I wouldn't have been able to do any acrobatics this evening and I'm not a slouch in the acrobatic department myself. That just goes to show that Davan is stronger and in better shape than I am, as I've though, even when it comes to bike riding. I'm usually faster, at least in the 1-3 hour or so bike ride, but it's just because I'm more willing to experience discomfort than she is.

Anyway, she and her fellow Zig Zags gave a great performance that was quite well received. She is rightfully proud of herself this evening.

Now we're all off for some well deserved sleep. I'll get a day or two of the trip up tomorrow!

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  1. Congrats to you all for the bike thing... and how amazing that Davan was up for the performance tonight, too.


    I'll get you the sponsor money this week.