Thursday, October 01, 2009

More About Current Life

My best friend, Chris, arrives for a visit tonight. I'm excited, as always, to see her, but this time is even more exciting because, to celebrate our 30 year friendship anniversary, we're going on a cruise! It's just a three day cruise out of Seattle, but, still.

Anthony and Davan will have a Daddy/daughter weekend while we're gone and, while Davan is jealous of me for going on the cruise, she's also looking forward to time with Dad.

What this means for the bike trip story, though, is that I won't be posting more days until probably next Wednesday when Chris goes home.

If I have time between errands and a nap (Davan had a slumber party last night, which, while the girls were actually very quiet during my sleeping hours, still made me sleep not so well and I've got to be up late to pick Chris up from the airport), I may post another day or two today. Otherwise, I promise to get back on track after my visit.

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