Monday, November 30, 2009

Book Review: Heart in the Right Place by Carolyn Jourdan

I finished this once last week, in the midst of Thanksgiving weekend preparations. It was due back at the library on Friday and wouldn't renew, but it wasn't difficult to squeeze in time to read it, as it was a very enjoyable read.

Heart in the Right Place is the true story of Carolyn Jourdan who left a high powered job in Washington D.C. in order to temporarily fill in for her mom at her father's rural doctor's office after her mom suffered a heart attack. At least, she thought it would be temporary...

Jourdan's accounts of the patients, neighbors and friends are all thoroughly enjoyable, as is following along on her inner dialogue as the couple of days of filling in stretches to a year. It is helping people more to be instrumental in government or to be the one insuring that people in one part of rural Tennessee have access to good, cheap health care? Whatever your personal thoughts on the matter, it's discover to learn Jourdan's, right alongside her.

I found Heart in the Right Place to be engaging and novel like even though it's non fiction. I give it a 9.


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