Saturday, November 07, 2009

Book Review: Nothing Human by Nancy Kress

I finished this book on Thursday, which is the last day that I took a lot of down time with the cold. Davan was at my parents' house and Anthony was working late, so even though I still took a bike ride, cooked a large meal with enough leftovers to freeze, did some housekeeping and took care of the neighbor's cat (really Davan's job, but she wasn't home), I had a lot of time to read before going to pick up Davan at Zig Zags and Anthony at work in the evening.

Luckily for me, I had the time because Nothing Human was a great book! I really liked the whole concept of the story. Aliens do actually abduct a person (but just one). He's a doctor and they give him the knowledge of how to change a gene sequence in humans and the money to set up an invetro fertility clinic. Because of the money, he takes people from a wide cross section of life and helps them have babies. The, in spite of the clinic having a good reputation, he closes up shop and more or less disappears. All seems normal until they hit puberty.

Once these babies hit puberty, they all fall into a coma at about the same time. Upon awaking, they can "smell" messages from the Pribir - the alien race who set this all up. For the Pribir, there is one right way and that is to work with genes. They tell the humans this and...

Well, the rest is the story, right? You'll just have to read for yourself. Nothing Human was compelling with interesting characters and a very intriguing plot idea. I give it a 9, especially if you like to see what interesting ideas science fiction can come up with.

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