Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Menu

After more consultations with my family and visits to more grocery stores, which is not a fun activity Thanksgiving week, I have to say, we've decided what's for dinner tomorrow night. A full typical (sort of - vegan and low fat) Thanksgiving meal (with tempah instead of turkey). And what does that mean for me today? Lots of cooking ahead.

We'll be having whole grain sourdough dinner rolls, which I've bought premade. The tempah just needs warming up. I'm making the mashed sweet potatoes today and they'll be warmed up tomorrow. Davan fell in love with some tiny potatoes, so we're having roasted tiny baby potatoes, which I've already roasted. Davan also insisted that green beans were needed to make a complete Thanksgiving meal, so I'll be preparing green beans with slivered almonds today, as well. Anthony is a big fan of stuffing and we found some whole grain spelt prepackaged stuffing that we'll be making like Stovetop tomorrow on site. Yeah, I could have made this, too, rather than buying packaged but I'm already feeling like I've got a lot to do today and I don't want to stress. Davan told me that she could live without pie, but it really did make it Thanksgiving, so, yeah, after being totally disgusted by what was in the pies at the stores (other than a vegan one at Whole Foods that cost $22!!!!), I'll be making a blueberry pie today, as well.

In light of all of that bounty, instead of baked beans for lunch the next day, it'll be leftovers. We'll have plenty.

Food plans are in place. As usual, I've ended up going back on my I'm-just-going-to-buy-stuff-to-keep-it-simple plan because I'll be busy and now have a day of food prep ahead, but that's okay. It's a good exchange for food I'll feel good about eating.

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