Monday, November 09, 2009

Challenge Review

You may or may not remember that Anthony and I undertook a challenge just over four weeks ago. It was a four week challenge, so we are now done.

We wanted to keep up healthy eating and came up with these ground rules in relation to eating:

We weren't allowed to shop at grocery stores. Instead all food had to come from farmer's markets, produce stands, Amazon or our food co-op monthly delivery, Azure. This was to help us choose produce and have to plan ahead if we wanted other things. We completely stayed true to this part. I didn't step foot in any grocery store, although I did go to Target for some non food things and they do have some food, but I didn't go into the food section at all.

We were to abstain from the use of any oils with the exception of cooking spray used lightly. We also completely stayed on track here.

We were to stay on plan (whole grains, fruits, veggies, very limited oil and/or sugar) when eating out. This...well, we only ate out twice and both times we didn't do perfectly. Between the two of us, we had potatoes cooked with oil, pancakes that were whole grain, but probably also with sugar and oil and tortilla chips. Still, though, no meat, dairy or dessert items. Of course, the no meat and dairy is easy for me, as I don't want that at all.

We also wanted to keep up our fitness as the weather turned and boy has it turned. We've had a lot of rain in the last four weeks. For this, Anthony and I each had a bike mileage goal per week - 125 for him and 75 for me. City walking was to count for 3 miles of bike riding while rougher hiking would count for 4 miles.

I met my goals each week, doubling it the first two weeks. The second two weeks, between weather and my two separate bugs, found me just over my goals each week. Still, I did it, even with the obstacles, so yay!

The last one was just for me and it was to limit my computer time to one hour a day. I did this admirably for the first three weeks. Then the job thing came up, which trashed the goal with having to spend extra time on the computer for the test and communicating with my potential employers. And then I used that as an excuse to let my times slide a bit...

Overall, the challenge was a success. Yesterday we did go grocery shopping. Our list contained a lot more pantry items than usual - 4 different spices, for example - but we did well with not going overboard post challenge. Sadly I had to buy my produce at Winco, too, as the farmer's market is done for the year. Sigh. The produce at the farmer's market is truly superior and I was getting huge heads of lettuce for a buck there, where at at Winco a medium head of lettuce was $1.80. Bummer. Some things are cheaper at Winco, though, so price-wise, things probably balance out.

As for exercise, I'm glad to be done with the challenge just to open up my workouts some. I'm thinking of getting in some swimming with a punch card I need to use up at our local pool, for example. Davan and I have a new morning schedule that is working pretty well for us (preteen grumblings aside) which is an hour of working out starting at 8:00 followed by an hour of chores then breakfast and on with our day. I'd like to use that hour and sometimes more time in the day if I want to swim or do a long bike ride or the like. But, having that hour in the morning set aside for working out five days a week is a good thing and, even if that were all I did, would probably keep me in pretty decent shape.

And then there's my little computer addition. I want enough time to read and respond to my emails, write my blog, read the blogs I enjoy and take care of any other tasks that need my attention (checking pool times, paying bills, signing up for classes, what have you). Then, I want to be done with the computer for the day. This may or may not happen in an hour and I don't think I'll worry too much about that exact time. But, when I'm done, Davan will get her turn, then we'll turn the computer off until after dinner when Anthony gets to have his go and Davan can again, if she likes. At bedtime, if not before, the computer goes off again. That way I'm not sucked in when I should be doing other things.

Doing the challenge helped to keep me on track with my goals and was good. Now it's just a matter of keeping the ball rolling.

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