Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Food, Food, Food

We've been enjoying the offerings of fall with fresh apples and pears, abundant pumpkin related treats still lingering from two huge Hubbard squashes not to mention other savory squash dishes and plenty of sweet potatoes in various forms. In fact, I'm sitting here right now eating what is our stock breakfast for the season - steel cut oats cooked with pears, cinnamon, ginger and flax meal. Other than weekends, on which days we have pancakes with a choice of apple compote or creamy pumpkin, this has been breakfast for Davan and I for a couple of months and we still enjoy it, along with a mug of tea.

Now, though, that fall feast day is nearly upon us and, even at this late date, I'm at a loss for what to do for the big meal. The problem is compounded by the facts that we don't eat turkey or any meat, we've already been enjoying the special fall dishes to our heart's content, making sweet potato mash and pumpkin pudding less than special and we'll be at a fire lookout.

I'm really glad about the fire lookout part, but it does mean that whatever we take, we'll be carrying in 3 1/2 miles while on snowshoes and that, when we get there, we'll be limited by having only a small propane stove to work with for cooking. I've got all meals planned except Thursday's, which is also, incidentally, my birthday, making the call for a special meal that much more pressing.

Still, we do not want to eat a bunch of fat and sugar, so what's special? Frankly, I'm feeling stumped. We are having special stuff all weekend - one breakfast will be whole grain vegan pancakes and vegan prepared sausage (which we usually stay away from because it's a very processed food, even though it's vegan and low fat) while another will be a very rich breakfast of almond butter mixed with agave nectar, cinnamon and vegan, grain-sweetened chocolate chips in pita pockets. Lunches will be Dave's Peace Bombs, baby carrots and sugar snap peas with store bought hummus (which is also a treat food because of the added olive oil) two days and canned baked beans (also a treat because of all the added sugar) on the day we spend the whole day at the fire lookout. Friday's dinner is a dip of refried beans, salsa and sliced olives with veggies and baked tortilla chips to dip (again a treat because even baked tortilla chips have added oil).

So, what for Thursday night's meal? I don't know. I'm feeling like we're going to end up with Bocca burgers on whole grain buns and Sun Chips, which is a treat meal for sure, but not necessarily one I want to associate with Thanksgiving and my birthday. I'd rather have something tasty made with whole foods, but the treat of not having to prepare anything is sure appealing and the fuss over trying to make something gourmet within the constraints of the fire lookout feels a little daunting.

We're going to both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods this afternoon. Perhaps something will present itself. I do know it'll work out one way or the other and be fine.

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