Tuesday, November 03, 2009


My best friend, Chris, has this awesome job. Well, the work itself if okay. What's awesome about it is that she can do it from anywhere (usually home, but also my house, the library, where ever she has computer access). It's come up once or twice in the past that her company may be looking for another employee and was I interested?

Well, yeah. And no. Mostly yeah, though. I've even sent a resume in before. Nothing has ended up coming of it. That's been okay. Maybe a little disappointing. Maybe a little bit of a relief.

Yesterday, though, out of the blue, Chris calls and says, "Hey! They seem to be serious this time. Are you interested?" Yeah, yeah I am.

I've actually talked to people in the company other than Chris. I've had a computer issue or two to work out. Tomorrow I'll be doing a 4-5 hour test. It's pretty much doing the work I'd be doing to see if I can manage it. I'm not overly concerned. Chris has actually shown me before what she does and it doesn't seem overly difficult.

If all goes well, we'll do a two week trial period. Then, if both parties are happy, I'll have a job. 20 hours a week from home or wherever I take my laptop and have internet connection (mostly anywhere if we get Clear or the like). That's a good thing. I think.

I'm happy about working a little. I'm happy about the money. The job is easy enough. Davan is old enough to entertain herself for 20 hours a week.

But. I also wonder if I'll feel more stressed out. Will there be less time for myself? Well, yes, of course, but will that be okay? Will Davan and I have enough time together? Will I still have enough time for the meals we're used to?

I think it'll all work out. And this is a good long term solution to giving us just a little extra money. But, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little ambivalent about it. And, honestly? With people struggling for jobs and such? I should feel really lucky. And I do. I really do. But...yeah. It's a change. I don't always take well to change. LOL

On I go, though, to the working world. And it's a good thing. Mostly.

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  1. I hope it's something that will work well for you.