Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Hormone Express

I have a preteen daughter in the house. That about sums it up. Still, I will rant on a bit.

My daughter, who is a great person with a lot to offer the world, is also a very sensitive, emotional girl. Lately (like the past six months) she's been even more emotional and charged up. In the last two months or so, it's gotten bad enough that my mom has noticed it when Davan is at her house, which is definitely new.

Today, the crisis is about music for a Do Jump piece. We're participating in a student showcase show next week. Davan and I are doing a duet on the trapeze in addition to Davan doing a strength/flexibility/balance piece with, of all things, a scratching post. We've picked a song for the trapeze, but Davan can't pick one for her piece.

She knows exactly what she'd like it to be. The problem is that such a song, to our knowledge, doesn't exist.

So far, there have been tears, accusing me of various things, screaming, anger, trying to get me to choose for her, putting down her own piece and much, much angst. I've tried as hard as I can to stay calm and not get drawn into any arguments about it. I'm progressively getting more and more pissed off, though and it is getting harder and harder to stay calm.

Now, finally, she's picked a song. She's changed herself from a cat to a dog and proclaims to be happy with the results, but she still went off to her room in tears, angrily saying, "And now I'm not going to think about music anymore!"

Whatever. Not only is it probably not over, but we'll be facing a new crisis soon, probably when it's time to leave for book group and it'll be because, "I didn't know it was time already!!!! I didn't get to finish lunch!!!" or some such thing. Yay for the preteen years. Sigh.

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  1. No one thinks about teens while having babies...the human race would die off.

    It gets better. Gets worse, too.

    Like your bike ride... ups and downs an a lot of 'walls' to hit.

    Hang in there