Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching Up

I see that my last post was about Ranger getting her stitches out.  A lot has happened since then!  I guess I've just been too busy to actually sit down and post about it....or, in the case of Friday, too busy taking a down time day.  So, let me catch you up!

Davan and Lena made peanut butter and jelly muffins from the Peas and Thank You cookbook.

We love her blog, too, by the way.  They liked them even better than some much less healthy chocolate chip cookies they made a couple weeks ago.  Fancy that.

We keep checking Peas and Thank You out from the library.  I guess we might have to break down and actually buy it.  Davan loves the book for reasons that go beyond just the recipes.

The girls had a substitute gymnastics teacher on Wednesday and did a lot of work on aerials, which they'd both love to master.  Davan was very excited because she actually managed to get it off of the mat a couple of times!  This is huge for her because she broke her arm doing one when she was 11.

They are both very close to getting them.  It's more a matter of confidence than anything else at this point.

That was all just Wednesday after the stitches came out.  Whew.

Thursday was much a normal day of activities - Do Jump, Lena time, Poekoelan, cooking, dog walking.  Anthony did snap this picture of me in the kitchen, making dinner.

I wasn't feeling great on Friday, so Davan and I took a down day.  We played games, caught up on Amazing Race, read, did Rosetta Stone...up until evening when Davan and I picked Lena up and went to see their friend and fellow Zig Zag, Tanner, in his middle school play.  It was fun, cheap entertainment with a wide variety of skill level that gave us a good deal to talk about after.  We joined Tanner and his family for some gellato after.  Davan and I both had a bit of raspberry and a bit of lemon sorbet.  It was really tasty.

Saturday was busy all day!  I got up, found a cupcake recipe and made cupcakes.  I went to Poekoelan.  I shopped for a missing ingredient for the frosting, finished the cupcakes, hopped in the shower and went to pick Lena up at Do Jump, where Davan met me after procuring Subway for all three of us.  The reason for all the hustle?

Well, it's Lena's birthday next weekend.  That weekend is jam packed, but I wanted to do something special for Lena for her birthday, particularly as she's away from home and all.  I offered to take the girls someplace for a treat and encouraged them to pick something that's not just routine for them, like Sky High is these days.  They chose Safari Sams, an indoor jungle gym.  I'll pictures from there later after I get them from Lena's camera.

Of course, though, a birthday celebration is only complete with cupcakes.

We had chocolate with peanut butter frosting.  Davan also decorated the van for the occasion.  You may be able to see the banner in the back.

After Safari Sams, we came home, picked up Anthony and went to Red Robin for dinner, Lena's choice.

It was a lovely day outside, as you can see.  I did manage to get a run in while the girls were at Safari Sams to enjoy it a bit, as everything else we did was inside.

We weren't done with dinner, though.  Nope, it was a bit of happenstance, as it's just how it all fit together and we were going to do this anyway, but we went to see a Pendulum production.  Pendulum is another aerial arts group in Portland.

The girls, waiting for the show to start.

They were good and we enjoyed the show...mostly.  Davan and Lena didn't love the piece they did from Chicago - The Cell Block Tango.  They didn't think it was very family friendly, but loved the arrangement of it anyway.

After the show, they were doing cartwheels down the side walk to the car.  I tried to get them in action, but it didn't go so well.  Here are some of the shots I did get.

Sunday, we had our pancake breakfast and then spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine.  Davan did enter the cave that is Do Jump in the afternoon, though, for Tic Toc tech.  The Tic Toc - younger kids performance troop at Do Jump - show is next weekend and Davan and Lena, along with several other Zig Zags are teching for the show.  It's her first time teching and she's pretty excited about it.

If you're local, you should come!  The show looks like it'll be lots of fun and it is also pretty cheap entertainment.  Check it out!

I have to call it quits for now, as I've gotta run to pick up Davan and meet a friend for a walk, but that's pretty much the scoop anyway.


  1. Can't see the video as I am in Germany.....can you send to me like you did before.

  2. Got the Video...thanks. Cool to see Davan doing that.

  3. I think that the life you lead is a perfect, unschooling, follow your passion, kinda life. I just love it. Keilee is next door but I will have to show her the aerials. Davan did it twice at the end!! YAY. You know, I wish there were more 'theater' things for Keilee to do. She does plays and that is a lot but I wish there were even more.

    We love The Amazing Race. Who are you rooting for?

    And thank you for the kind comment and that great link on my blog. You are such an inspiration to me and Kei!

    1. Thank you! I do have to say, though, that I think your and Kei's life sounds pretty good, too!

      I hear what you mean about wishing there was more theater stuff for Kei. We bemoan the fact that there isn't a true training program for circus here in town all the time! One place where they teach everything in a cohesive program would be so much easier than trying to piece together enough training for Davan.

      We're Bopper and Mark all the way! Sadly, there are a lot of teams this time that we don't love. We're rooting for a few to get eliminated. Our next favorite out of those who are left, though, is Rachel and Dave.