Friday, April 13, 2012


After our lazy Wednesday morning, we had a busy rest of Wednesday.  I met a friend for a walk while Davan cleaned the bathroom and took Ranger for a walk.  I came home to knock out a few more chores and fit in a little work trade.

Lena came over and the girls finished their puzzle.

They enjoyed the circus theme, but it was a circus in which a lot was going wrong and they also had fun finding all of those things - like a high wire being cut.

I drove the girls to gymnastics.  They spent a lot of time on bars that evening, which they were both happy about.  I got a little footage, not necessarily of their best that evening, but just bits here and there.  Lena recently got her front hip circle, which is on here, and both girls were working new skills, which I've shown also.  Lena is learning kips and Davan is learning cast to handstand.

We came home after gymnastics for a quick dinner, then we were off to see OVO!  We ended up walking about a half a mile from where we parked, rather than paying to take MAX that far.

Davan had twisted her ankle a little at gymnastics, so she was leaning on Lena for support.  Yes, we're cruel.  We made her walk anyway.  We've had a lot of experience with what Davan injuries are like, though, and felt confident that we weren't putting her in danger.

Excitement was high when we reached the big top!

In our seats, waiting for the show to start.

The show was great!  It was one of my favorite Cirque du Soliel shows I've seen (it was only my third in person show, unlike some members of my family - ahem, Davan)!  People were a little concerned about the bug theme being off putting, but it wasn't, at least in my opinion.

I liked pretty much every piece.  There was a hand balancing piece with a really interesting apparatus.

Here's the guy in costume.

You can't see the apparatus very well in that, though, so here's another from practice.

In addition to the awesome balancing on the top piece, as you see, which he also turned and spun on, he did some great creative movement all along the curving banister, which reminded Anthony and I a lot of Davan playing at the park.

There was a group foot juggling piece with pieces of kiwi that I was really impressed by.

In addition to juggling these kiwi slices with their feet, in unison...

They also juggled each other with their feet.

You can't really tell from the still picture, but they would throw each other up in the air with their legs from one base to the next.  It was impressive.

I could go through the acts one by one and tell you everything I loved, but it would be a really long post.  So, let me just put in two more of everyone's favorites.

There was really compelling high flying piece - not really trapeze, but similar.  And a trampoline piece that has the girls clamoring to go to Sky High.  You can see both in this preview video.

We all really enjoyed ourselves.  It was Lena's first Cirque du Soleil show and it was a good first one, I think.  Her only negative comment was that the clowning went on a little too long in the second half, particularly.  Davan has the same complaints.  She could do without the clowning at all.  While I sometimes think the clowns can go on a little long and/or be kind of boring, I liked them in this show pretty well.

It was a late night for us, getting home around 11:30 and still needing to walk the dog, who, thank goodness, hadn't made a bloody mess of her incision while we were gone.  It was our first extended period of leaving her alone.  We did drug her for the occasion, which may have helped.

When I went into Davan's room the next morning to wake her for her orthodontist appointment (only two months to go!), I found this shrine to the show:

Both girls would love to go see it again.  I'd love to take them, but the shows are rather expensive.  I encouraged them to get all the shows the library has and watch them instead.  A poor substitute, maybe, but at least it's something!


  1. Looks like the show was really good. How about Davan...does she have a favorite?

    1. The flying trapeze and the trampoline pieces. They were the overall favorites and specifically her favorites. :)

  2. And I am really glad there was no bloody face when you got back to Ranger.

  3. Actually I was thinking of favorite show over all of all the ones she has seen.

    1. Oh! I see. I'm not totally sure, but I think it's still Mystere. I'll ask.

  4. I know Davan was in heaven! What an amazing show. I would love to see something like that. I love Davan's shrine to the show.

    Thanks for the pictures of the puzzle. It has popped in my mind a couple of times, "I wonder if Davan and Lena put it together yet" What a perfect puzzle for them. :)