Sunday, April 15, 2012

Davan's Haircut

I cut Davan's hair for her today.

Davan had doubts, but finally let me do it and is pleased with the result.  I told her I had no interest in her looking bad.  :)

Here's a video of her messing around in her room, as well as showing her new hair cut.


  1. I thought she just got her hair cut!! ??

    I think you did a marvelous job. It looks so good. I love the back.

    1. She did! But they didn't really do anything to her hair, so she was ready for another quite soon and I decided I could probably handle it. I told her that if I messed it up, I'd take her in and have a hairdresser fix it. LOL. I used to cut her hair when it was all one length, but the pixie cut was way beyond my abilities.

  2. oh my... i'm just getting caught up with you guys. what a roller-coaster, yes? so sorry your pup is going thru a tough time... i know that's hard. ((hugehugs)) such a cutie, though!

    your girlie is quite the cutie, too. ;)