Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ranger is Stitch Free!

Ranger and I made another trip to the Cascade Veterinary Referral Center today.  Ranger did well, but she was nervous.  I'm glad we're done with going there for both our sakes!

Yesterday, they called to confirm the appointment and I asked about the pathology report.  The receptionist was surprised that the vet hadn't called us and also mentioned that they'd faxed the results to our regular vet on the 11th.  That was a week ago!  She posted a note for the vet to call me, but wouldn't tell me the results herself.

Now, I'd been feeling pretty laid back about the whole thing, feeling like no news was good news, but her reluctance to tell me left me feeling worried.

An hour and a half later she called back to say that the vet was in an emergency surgery (some poor dog had gotten hit by a car) and probably wouldn't be able to call back that night.  Was it okay for him to just go over the results with me the next day?  I reluctantly agreed.

I emailed our regular vet and asked if she'd tell me.

A few minutes later, the referral center called back and she said that the doctor had asked her to go ahead and tell me over the phone.  So, we found out it is a level 2 tumor, which was pretty much expected.  It's the most common.  The margins are good.  Probably, it has not metastasized.  Probably, it won't grow back.

We celebrated with a treat for Ranger.

Our regular vet emailed back shortly thereafter with more detail, but basically saying the same things we'd remembered from prior to the surgery about what level 2 with good margins means.

Today, when Ranger and I got home from our run, we found Davan lounging in bed.  Immediately after breakfast, Ranger rejoined her.

When I'd first said hello, Davan had been looking at a recipe book.  She and Lena are going to do some baking before gymnastics this afternoon.

By the time Ranger had joined her, though, she was doing something with her notebook.  It being practically a diary, I don't look unless invited.

Ranger was just chillin', though.

The appointment went well.  Ranger was nervous, but went in willingly.  She did a fair amount of shedding and a little whimpering while we were waiting.

When the vet actually cut and pulled the stitches, she was mostly a trooper, but she did pull away a couple times and try to get free.  She never lashed out or anything, though.  She's a good kid.

Now she's stint and stitch free!  Yay!

Still crooked, though.  Our little Crookface.

Davan, who ended up opting to stay home for this vet visit, greeted her with much celebration.

We're to watch for regrowth, although it's not expected.  Actually, they want us to see a vet once a month for six months and then every three months for a year and a half after that - just to check out the site for new growth, but we've decided we'll check it ourselves.

And, because she's grown one bump, it's not unlikely for her to grow others, so we're supposed to watch for that, as well.  We will.  Though we're undecided as to exactly what we'll do if that does happen.

Meanwhile, though, it's mostly back to life as usual for our puppy dog.


  1. yay! news that is definitely treat-worthy! ;) your ranger boy looks sweet as can be.

  2. YAY!!! She is a little crooked now... but that just shows her personality, right??

    funny how much we love our animals, we humans... but I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't ever want another dog after losing Maggie, but would take her back in a heartbeat.

  3. So glad to hear this about Ranger. That is the sweetest looking dog. And I just love pictures of Davan. She is always beaming!

    Thanks for all the great advice on your last post. I am trying...;)

  4. Yup she is going to have a distinctive face from now one. Glad she did well.