Sunday, April 15, 2012

How Ranger is Doing

I've touched on it here and there, but I thought I'd give you a current update on Ranger.  She's doing really well!

While she does occasionally still paw at her face, she hasn't caused any seeping/blood for many days now.  Her fur is starting to grow back.

I've been teasing her by calling her "Crookface."  They pulled her skin together on her right side, making her nose crooked and her right jowl significantly shorter.  We keep saying that, for the price, they should have sent her home balanced.  Don't worry, we still think she's adorable.

She is no longer on any drugs. 

She's started running with me again.  Yesterday, though, we ran for an hour and she was falling behind by the end.  I guess she's out of shape.  We'll have to build her back up.

For comparison's sake, here she is freshly home last Friday:

And today, a week and two days later:

The vet never did call with pathology results this week, so we still don't know.  I'm assuming, though, that no news is good news.  I guess I'll have to call them tomorrow.

Ranger goes back in on Wednesday to have her stitches removed.  That'll be another big change, one that we're all looking forward to, other than the fact that it means dragging her back to the scene of the crime.  She might not like that much.

For now, though, she's already back to her usual peppy, able to be left unsupervised self.  Yay.  :)


  1. She looks pretty good, considering all that she's been through. Hope the pathology results are favorable.

  2. I am so glad she is doing well. Sweet doggie. :) Hope she continues to feel better and better.

    And if I ran with you I would be falling behind much quicker than an HOUR! :)

    1. That may be true, as you don't run, but believe me when I say that most people who do run would be way outrunning me. I'm really slow!

  3. Glad for the update. And glad to see you did not need to keep her on drugs for 2 whole weeks.