Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Day Santa

Anthony's office is doing a secret Santa sort of thing for Earth Day this week.  For those who are participating, they're giving their recipient a particular item each day of the week.  Monday it was a plant.  Anthony actually ended up passing on a plant that was already in his cube.  That evening, though, we went shopping with him to pick up a couple of other items for the week.

While we were at the store, Davan was jonesing for a treat.  This is what she ended up with:

At our Fred Meyer's, they have a description of each type of apple.  Davan perused them all and ended up with a Pink Lady.  Then she got a Chocolate Protein drink, as well.

She enjoyed her snack after we got home while reading one of the stack of books she'd checked out of the library earlier that day.

We had fun shopping for Anthony's gifts.  Tuesday was organic fruit day.  He considered just taking one of the apples out of our fruit bowl.  I buy some organic and some not, but we did happen to have organic apples.  I talked him into doing something a little more unique and fun.  This is what he got.

A coconut, a red banana and a kiwi.  When his fruit was delivered on Tuesday, he got an apple.  The exact same type that is in our fruit bowl right now.  LOL

Today, Wednesday, is organic drink day.  He gave an Organic Farm's Blueberry Smoothie.  In return, he got a Marion Berry Soda.

Thursday is a while elephant gift day.  They are supposed to give something that they aren't using anymore but that their recipient might have a use for.  Anthony had really been hoping that his givee would be a bike rider as he has some bike related paraphernalia that he isn't using, but that is very usable.  That wasn't the case, though.

The person he's giving to has a daughter that's about the same age as Davan and more girly than she is.  So we found a head band that Davan had been given at Christmas with a pretty flower on it.  He'll be handing that over on Thursday.

He says it's tricky to deliver the items, as you have to do it when the person is away from their desk and, if they aren't in a cube close to you, it's hard to monitor.  He's doubly challenged because his recipient has a cube mate, so he's got to wait until they've both cleared out for something.

Any-who, the whole thing sounds like fun and makes me want to work in a cube.  Okay, not really, but it does sound like fun.

By the way, Ranger continues to heal up well.

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