Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ranger Update

Ranger and I started our day with a walk, as usual, but we kept it short and then, rather than coming home for breakfast, I put her in the car and drove her to the vet.  It was very difficult to drop her off.  I kept a brave face for her and didn't draw out the goodbye, but I did cry when I got the the car.

Then we waited.  The vet called just after 1:00 and spoke to Davan, as I was away.  Ranger came through surgery fine.  They had to work longer than expected, of course, so that will increase our bill.  Sigh.  However, it all went well, he's optimistic about what the pathology report will say about the margins, but we won't know for sure on that until next week.

Ranger did well under anesthesia with no issues.  Right now, she has a drain in which may or may not come out before she comes home tomorrow.  If it doesn't come out, we'll have to take her back on Monday to have it removed.

She'll have a couple of different pain meds to take when she comes home and, of course, she'll be in a collar of shame, poor kid.

I'm glad to have the positive news.  What I don't know, at this point, is how she's doing in terms of mental well being.  I'm hoping to get an update on that later and will call again if needed.  The vet didn't even have word about if she was awake yet when I spoke to him again at 1:45.  So, we'll wait to see on that.

Thanks to all of you who've said your thoughts are with Ranger today.

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  1. Let us know how she is when she gets home. Might be somewhat like when she had to do the whole choc drugged to care much. Keeps bring more thoughts of Gypsy back. Sometimes when she was in the hospital they would let us come visit her. But then they said they did not want us too as it upset her too much. I thought it was worse to not see her at all and let her think we had totally abandoned her. They would bring her out to see us. She would dig her feet in and have to be dragged back to where they kept her. But then all the holding and caring we did for her during these episodes really bonded us to her. As i think it did for you guys with never leaving Ranger at home along for a long time. Those events are very bonding.