Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Davan's List

Davan just presented me with this list.  I believe she was inspired by Keilee's list over at HomeSchool Girls, but I knew nothing about her doing it until she just now handed me the list.

Things I Want to Learn More About:
(I can't remember if it's 10 or 15, so 15)

1.  history of circus
2. what its like to live in other counties
3. herstory about girls and women (and I did think of that before I saw Kei write it) Great minds think alike, I guess, and I also guess that we can see that she was indeed inspired by Keilee's list.
4. how language was created
5. inventors of popular games
6. authors
7. international affairs and laws that govern multiple countries
8. where food/parts of electronics/toys/clothes/books/etc. are made/grown/assembled/sold
9. what is the most common language to read in?
10.  from what country to what country are the most letters/emails/packages sent?
11. animals.  what they look like, where they live, eat, etc.
12. invention of the calendar
13. astronomy
14. what it is like to work in various jobs
15. anatomy
15 1/8. psychology


  1. Every year, sometimes in the fall, sometimes a different time of the year, Matt, Lyssa and I posted our educational goals on a list in the kitchen.
    (Eric is a party pooper)

    We all encouraged each other in the pursuit of those goals.

    One of mine was to read some classic literature that I did not read in school.

    I learned that I hated Hemingway.

  2. This is so awesome! I love her list. I will have to show Keilee Davan's list and I am sure there are some things she will want to add.

    Thank you for being so supportive. You and Davan's journey has inspired us to find more theater activities for Kei.