Monday, April 30, 2012

More Sad News from ENC

We got the word today that Davan didn't get into the camp at ENC - The National Circus School in Montreal.  Davan, thus far, at least, has taken the news in stride.  She's busily planning out her summer, which now will include teaching camps at Do Jump, taking a camp there herself and probably taking the aerial intensive camp for teens at AWOL.

Me, though?  I want to go up there and kick some ass.  Don't they know what they're missing?!?!  And I know that Davan is sad.  She's just doing well with it.  But, I'm sad for her, as well.

These options that Davan is planning will be not as good for training, but she'll have fun while staying busy and that's good, too.  We're both thinking that being busy this summer, just after Lena leaves, is a good thing.

So, we don't know all the details of summer - the teaching schedule at Do Jump is far from solidified - but we do have a much better idea of what summer holds now and, for Davan, at least, it's going to be hopping.

We all go to Colorado in mid June to visit my parents.  Lena will be coming with us.  We get back on Sunday the 24th and Davan starts Pendulum's summer intensive camp on Monday.  Lena leaves that Friday.  Sigh.  We'll all miss her.  Davan will probably miss some of that day of camp to go with Lena to the airport.

Pendulum's camp lasts another week.  Then Davan is available to teach at Do Jump for two weeks.  The week of July 23rd is AWOL's camp in the afternoon and Davan has said she can teach in the morning.  Last summer the AWOL camp was a bit of a disappointment in skill level and I didn't know if Davan would even want to do it again, but once we knew she wasn't going to Montreal, we took a look at their offerings.  This summer's teen intensive has prerequisites, so it seems like it'll be more challenging.  We haven't signed her up yet, but I think she'll probably do it.

The next week is an aerial intensive at Do Jump in the afternoons that Davan is planning on, but she may also teach during the day that week.

Then she flies to Vermont for Circus Smirkus!  I still have to buy tickets for her and make those arraignments, but she'll be flying on her own.  She's excited to practice navigating herself through the trip domestically before she does it internationally when she goes to Switzerland.  I'm just sad I won't get to see the show at the end, but it's the most cost effective way to go and makes total sense, so there it is.  She's there for two weeks.

There is one more week of camps at Do Jump after that and she's made herself available to teach again then.

She probably won't teach every week she's available to, so there will be some free time in there for camping or just hanging, but she'll also be kept busy.  It'll be a good summer.  Even though ENC has no idea how to choose good candidates.  Grrr.


  1. Hi, so sorry Davan didn't make it into ENC. When did you get the email? I've been waiting all day for one and still haven't gotten it. I'm on the east coast.

    1. I'm sorry you're having to wait, but maybe that means that you got in, as it looked like the email we got was a mass-email for all those who didn't get in.

      It came at 7:00am our time. Good luck!

  2. I'm sorry about the outcome, too.
    I was hoping she'd have that to look forward to, I know it's going to be hard when her friend leaves to go home.

  3. I'm so sorry for Davan. I KNOW exactly how you feel. I get so mad when Keilee doesn't get what I deem she deserves. They work their little butts off and why can't everyone see that?

    But I have no doubt there are big plans for Davan. She is so incredibly talented and more than that she LOVES it. I know she is going to miss Lena so much. I think about all of you so often and send happy vibes!