Sunday, July 08, 2012

Back Half of Camp

Davan came home from camp on Thursday in a bad mood.  The friend she'd thought she'd made didn't seem to want to hang out with her and camp hadn't been much fun that day.  She perked up after eating some more of her packed lunch in the car, but she still never did talk much about that day.

Friday was better once she got there, but she'd been really quiet that morning, not really wanting to go.  She and her friend were friendly again and she started really enjoying one of the teachers.  The teacher she was fond of, though, is a visiting teacher and wouldn't be there if she took classes there.  She still had problems with the mean teacher (who is also a visiting teacher), as far as just not liking him much, but it all seemed more manageable with a friend.

Also on Friday, during their fabric rotation, there were 6 girls and 5 fabrics and the teachers asked them to have someone on each fabric at all times.  So, she actually came home feeling like she'd gotten a real workout.  She'd done straddle climb 4 times in a row just to start the rotation off.  I can't imagine.  I can only climb the fabric once myself and that's in the regular fashion.  The straddle climb involves going upside down in straddle, hooking your knee, then pulling yourself up above it.  Over and over.  Yikes!  And then, she said she was on fabric, working, for very nearly the whole rotation.

It was Friday as well when she was asked to do the demonstrating for her group on fabric as well as on kite, where she was the only one who remembered the routine they'd put together.   After another girl said she wasn't sure she totally remembered it, the teacher said, "Hmm, I'm not sure I remember either.  Davan, you do it," like there was no question she'd know it.  That made her feel good.

I didn't end up hearing much about camp itself on Saturday, but there was a show at the end that we went to.  It was interesting.  I could tell who was in the A group was as they went, even though that wasn't announced, and I do feel Davan could have handled being in that group.  They were good, though, and it might have been a challenge, particularly to catch up on the fabric routine, but challenge is good and Davan, frankly, doesn't get enough of it.

They are pretty strong in contortion.  I think their flexibility judgment (as far as assigning groups go) lies more in the back than in the legs and Davan's back flexibility hasn't been as good with her back troubles, so I can see why she wasn't in contortion, but I would still have put her in flexibility, the next group up from just stretching.

The director was not nice to Davan at all, which I think is strange.  It seems that she'd want to lure her over, rather than be mean because she trained elsewhere first.  It was not just Davan's opinion about this, either.  I witnessed her smiling, nodding and clapping for other people on kite, but, when Davan went and did it better (truly, not just Mom's opinion - I heard audience comments), she had a sour look on her face the whole time.  Davan had other stories, as well, but this one I actually saw myself.

With that going on, I really don't think Davan will move over there.  The more rigorous training just wouldn't be worth being in that environment.  I know some of the people are nice, but with that being the director's can that not affect her?

Davan ended up saying it was more good than bad overall, but she's glad it's done.

Sadly, I forgot the camera for the show and have nothing to show you.  Also, our main computer is decidedly broken and will go back to the shop tomorrow where I'm sure they'll see the trouble now, as it's much worse.  Davan, luckily, did manage to finish the story she's writing for Not Back to School Camp and got it on a stick, so she's good to go there.


  1. Well I am glad she had a 'mostly good' experience but I don't understand the director either. I don't know why certain people just seem to take a dislike to other people. Just like the lady at Keilee's theater camp. So strange. You WOULD think she would be trying to lure Davan since she is so good. Very strange indeed.

  2. I admire Davan's grit in sticking it out and finishing the camp. It's not fun to hang out with people who aren't treating you nicely. Makes the director look like, well, a bitch. (Can I say bitch on your blog?)

    You know, some adults who work with kids are just bullies. We have an adult like that, too. All of us know what a bitch she is, and when possible, we put ourselves between her and the kids, not allowing her to even get involved in kid issues.

    Most recently, our supervisor's son was in our summer camp. She took an instant dislike to him, and singled his (normal kid) behaviors out, even going so far as to text EVERYONE who's working summer to tell us to DOCUMENT HIS BAD BEHAVIOR so she could tell his mom.

    They're moving away, so it's not going to be an issue. But I don't like her, I don't like working with her, and I feel sorry for the kids she doesn't like, because she's a bitch.

    Did I mention that?

    I can't write about it on my blog, of course. So I've chosen yours. :)

    1. Feel free to vent here. :) And, yup, I can live with bitch. Not only did I see that behavior, but that is sort of her reputation in the community. It's too bad, really, as she also has a good thing going with her school as far as facilities and many of her employees.

  3. Like your blog very much, thank you for sharing your ideas!

  4. Huuummm...too bad it was not a better experience, but at least it was not the worst in the world. Hope her Circus Smurkus is better.