Saturday, July 21, 2012

Q, R, S, T, U and V

Wow.  I hadn't realized how long I'd been away from the computer.  Davan and I have been hiking a bunch with a couple of overnights thrown in there, as well, this week.  It's been a blast, but between that and all this food prep, we've been busy girls (and Anthony, too - he joined us on one overnight).  This weekend is a brown sash test for kids at Poekoelan, as well, which I'm spending a lot of time at because the two daughters of a friend of mine are testing.  It's been really fun to watch the kids (8-14 year olds, I think) do their thing.

So, food.  Monday was Q.  Davan and I took a friend of her's hiking and then to the pool for the afternoon. Additionally, my MIL came over for dinner.  Talk about adding complication to an already complicated letter.  Because the day was so busy, I had to make food the day before (when we got home from the previous camping trip - whew).  We had:

Quiche (vegan - made with tofu)
Quinoa salad

That was it.  It wasn't a bad day, though, the quiche turned out to be really good - chock full of veggies - and the quinoa salad - also chock full of veggies - wasn't bad, either, after I adjusted the dressing a bit.

Tuesday was R and also the day that Davan and I left for an overnight backpacking trip.  I also went to Poekoelan that day and went and got fingerprinted so I can teach self defense (with my Poekoelan studio) to girls at Rock n Roll Camp for Girls in August.  Again, on the busy side.  We ate:

Rice Dream Bars

S came on Wednesday with Davan and I waking up from camping, hiking out, driving up to Government Camp and visiting Skibowl (thanks to a two for one coupon) where we did a lot of alpine sliding and a bit of the other offerings, as well.  We had to pack things that worked for camping and for lunch on the go.  We ate:

Sandwiches (pb&j's for Anthony, almond butter&j's and PLTs for Davan and I)
Seaweed (roasted from Trader Joe's - we love those!)
and for dinner, which Anthony made because Davan and I didn't get home until 7:
Sausages (vegan, of course)

Thursday with T on the menu was another Poekoelan class and off for another backpacking overnight, with Anthony this time.  We ate:

Toaster Strudels (Anthony, per his request)
Tarts (raw blueberry tarts for Davan and I, based loosely on this recipe)
Tasty-fu (baked tofu that Davan named - a meal we always enjoy)
Tortilla chips

We fell asleep that night to the sights and sounds of a distant thunder storm, but Anthony, Ranger and I all woke up shortly after to a seriously loud and bright storm overhead, bringing with it such driving rain that it was bouncing up into the tent under the rain fly.  It was crazy.  What was even crazier is that Davan slept through it.

We awoke on Friday (U) to another booming thunder storm.  It was all very exciting.  We all would have been even happier if it had acted as our alarm clock later than 6am, though.  We ate our breakfast over some card games in the tent while it rained off and on before braving the elements to hike out.  We didn't get too wet, though, and everyone agreed we'd still have gone even if we'd known how wet it was going to be.  There is still gear strewn all about my tiny home, though, which I'm less than overly thrilled with.  Our food for the day was:

Upside Down Cake (this felt a little like a cheat to me, but I was overruled and it was sure nice to have premade and ready to go for breakfast in the storm)
Udon Noodle Soup

Yeah.  Another seemingly slim pickings day.  However, we had blueberry upside down cake for breakfast, had udon noodle soup at a favorite restaurant for lunch, made udon noodle soup at home for dinner and topped it all over with a cherry upside down cake.  So, all-in-all, it was a pretty good eating day.

Today I've been at Poekoelan most of the day, so yesterday we had to pre-prepare most of today's meals.  We've had:

Vanilla Cupcakes (another cheatery sort of thing to my way of thinking, but hey, they were good)
Vegetable Soup
Veggie Burgers
Veggie Chips
Vanilla Ice Cream

It hasn't been too bad today, either.  :)

I asked my family if they had to pick one letter to eat from for the rest of their lives which it would be.  While there have been a lot of pretty good eating days, really, and we haven't gone hungry to speak of (Davan wasn't thrilled with Q, but didn't go to bed with an empty tummy, either), the letter that we think it would be is P.  Here's our complete P list, including things we didn't eat:

Poptarts (although only Anthony would actually eat these)
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Panda Puffs


  1. More fun with Alphabet food! As I have told you again and again....Love this!! And where are the pictures from the hiking/camping? ;)

  2. Glad to see you posting again. Glad also that you are busy having fun.