Wednesday, July 25, 2012

W, X, Y and Z

So, you know how I said I'd have time to catch up this week?  Time to just chill out?  I don't know who the heck I was kidding.

Sunday was W.  With the test going on over the weekend at Poekoelan, I was up and over there in the morning to take a shift meditating and then sitting at the front desk.  Then there was the promotion ceremony, followed by the realization that the second degree black belt testers hadn't gotten lunch yet and, possibly not breakfast or the midnight meal the night I took care of that, which meant a trek to the house where they were meditating to keep away from the bustle of the kids' brown sash test.  Then it was back to the studio to work with a student who is testing tonight (Wednesday) for whom I'm attacking.

One of the things a student has to do when testing is create a kabong, a personal form, and show it with interpretation.  That means usually two attackers coming in at different points, doing different moves and, ultimately, getting left knocked out on the floor.  It's my first time doing this and it's interesting...the other attacker is a second degree black belt.  Let's just say that he was faster on the uptake when it came to choreographing.

I came home to eat and ended up going with Anthony and Davan to a BBQ hosted by a friend of Anthony's from work.  I'd been going to skip it with everything that was happening at Poekoelan, but my timing was just right to go and Anthony wanted me to, so...

Afterward, though, I got dropped right back off at Poekoelan to prepare for and take part in the rice ceremony for the second degree black belt promotion.  I got home after 9pm.  Whew. 

In between all of that, we ate:

Watermelon (which we had at home and was also the only thing at the BBQ we could eat)
Wheat Thins
Wiener Wraps

Anthony and Davan actually made the wiener wraps in exchange for me going to the BBQ, which was the window in which I was going to do that.  They also worked on food for the next day with my suggestions.

For X, we'd been tossing around lots of alternatives, but nothing was really feeling right until we came up with expanding on an idea that was originally sent long distance from Lena.  We decided we could eat any X shaped food.  We ate:

X shaped biscuits (made by Anthony and Davan - Anthony dubbed them "dog turds")

X shaped cookies (also made by Anthony and Davan and eaten before we thought to take pictures)
X shaped pizza (and boy, oh boy, was I glad to eat these - real food!)

X shaped raw cherry cookies (made with oatmeal, walnuts, fresh cherries and some chocolate chips - these were good, but looked like enlarged cat food - LOL)

It was a lot of work making everything into X shapes.  We ended up with leftovers, too, but, at this point, we figure that's okay.  We'll actually be able to eat them soon.

Monday did provide a little downtime in between running with the dog, shuttling Davan to and from camp, meeting a friend to walk, doing some grocery shopping, making everything X shaped and going to my evening Poekoelan class.  Still, it doesn't sound particularly restful, does it?

Tuesday came with what turned out to be a very busy day and Y eating.  I worked at Do Jump for three hours, met Davan for lunch, took her to camp, went straight to Poekoelan, ran home to pick up Ranger and a snack, picked Davan up, we met up with Anthony for dinner, came home to look at recipes, went grocery shopping and came home to bake.  I finally had some relaxation time around 8:30.

We ate:

Yogurt (soy)
Yakisoba Noodles (from our favorite Thai place for lunch for Davan and I, but from an instant meal for Anthony - poor Anthony)
Yakisoba Noodle Wraps (from a place called Rice Junkies near home)

Today, our last day of this little game, is, of course, Z.  We've gotten pretty good at figuring out things to eat by now.  Z had been looking a little grim at the beginning of the alphabet, seeing as how neither Anthony nor Davan likes zucchini...but, we're doing alright for ourselves.  On the menu for today is:

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins (to make them palatable for the picky ones)
Z Bars
Zig Zag "ice cream" (When I went to get the link, I see it's actually called Peanut Butter Zig Zag, but we've always called it Zig Zag, so I'm sticking with that.)
Za'atar Bread
Zucchini (for me)

It's kind of a sweet loaded day, which isn't great, but there's the za'atar bread to balance it out a bit.  We were supposed to have a lunch guest and I was going to share my zucchini with her in addition to the menu of za'atar bread with the zucchini muffins for dessert, but she had to cancel, so now all the zucchini is for me alone...unless we made another batch of the zucchini muffins, which isn't out of the question because they are pretty yummy.

It's turning out that I'm not as busy today as I thought I was going to be.  As I said, we were supposed to have a lunch guest, but with that not happening, I have a bit more time.  I still have to run out to a specialty spice store to pick up sumac for the za'atar.  I was bummed to discover that it wasn't available at our usual grocery store and, thus, had to send Anthony to work with all sweet stuff to eat today. 

Of course, there is also the running of Davan to and from camp and I should get in a little more work for Do Jump, as well.  Sigh.  Maybe next week will be my quiet week?  Davan is at Do Jump from 9am to 6:30pm between teaching a camp and taking a camp.  As it's Do Jump, I don't have to get her there and back and my Do Jump work will be caught's looking good for it to be a quiet week, but I guess we'll see.

Oh, and as a little aside, Davan just pointed out that she's going to the Zig Zag audition today, which is appropriate as it's Z day.  :)  In addition to doing camp from 1-4 at AWOL, she did an aerial workshop at Do Jump last night, will do another again tomorrow night and has the audition tonight.  Even with all that, she says she's not getting very tired.  The AWOL camp isn't overly strenuous.  Perhaps I'll write a little more about that later, but for the moment, I need to go buy my sumac!

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  1. WHEW....that was a lot of work and a busy day. Loved reading about it.