Sunday, July 08, 2012

G, H and I

The last few days have been really busy around here!  Davan was finishing camp (that probably deserves a post of it's own), I was/am participating in the 48 hour black belt test happening at Poekoelan (that is definitely a whole entry - for now suffice it to say that I'm not actually testing, just participating) and Anthony and I got in a day hike.  All of that hasn't stopped us from the ABC eating.

Friday was G day.  We had:

Graham Crackers

We'd also thought we'd have grapefruit, but I forgot to buy it and no one felt like running out for it after we were home for the evening.  We'd previously thought about gnocchi for dinner,  but forgot about that, too, until after we'd already done the granola.

Saturday, for H, we had:

Honeydew Melon
Hot Dogs (vegan)

As Davan had camp on Saturday to make up for the Wednesday break, I made the hash the night before to pack for lunch, which is what we've been doing all camp week - making stuff the night before.  Actually, that probably won't really stop for weekdays because I'll have to make Anthony's lunches the night before.

I've told several people about it, even though I was a little concerned at first to do so because, ya know, people might think we're weird.  LOL  All the reactions have been interested and a bit excited.  People always move right into trying to think of things we can eat.

Last night at Poekoelan, I had to turn down catered Chinese food and, later, watermelon.  I have to say that turning down the watermelon was difficult, but I explained what we were doing and that was fun, so it all worked out.

Today is a rough one with it being I day.  One of our ground rules is that broad food categories is cheating.  So, while we went with African Bean Soup being okay on A day, Indian food is not okay for I day, nor would Chinese food have been okay on C day.  Prior to today, we'd come up with this list:

Ice Cream (vegan)
Iceberg Lettuce
Indonesian Peanut Saute (a dish from Noodles and Co)

We actually had icing for breakfast.  I made a peanut butter icing that is peanut butter, vegan cream cheese, a bit of sugar, vanilla and unsweetened soy or almond milk.  I also make a chocolate sauce that we've used for icing, so we figured that counted.  It has cashews, dates, coco powder and water in it.  Usually it also has hazelnuts, but we were out.  I threw in a few Brazil nuts and a pinch of dulse to up the nutritional value.  As that's also something I do with regularity, it wasn't cheating.  :)  We each took a small bowl and ate them together.  It was really good and certainly packed enough calories to last, but also was not exactly filling and more than one person ended up saying their stomach hurt after a while.  Nothing like dessert for breakfast.

Now, though, Davan is campaigning to add some items.  These are things we ruled out before, but she is arguing that they fit.  We may add in a couple things.  Irish Soda Bread, for example, is probably in, but not Indian Curry, which we just call Curry, so that'd be cheating.


  1. just loving the ABC food challenge!!

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