Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walk #18

We're into the final stretch of walks now!  Walk #18 and #19 both took place on Monday.  Davan and I were on our own for both walks, as Lena was busy and Anthony was at work.  We had to fit them around the homeschool class that Davan was teaching at Do Jump and her class at Night Flight.

Walk #18 was the Pearl District walk and I was looking forward to it because I like that area of town.  We started off fine, driving straight down from the end of term show for the homeschool class.

We parked near Union Station and the walk took us inside.  We went right in with Ranger and no one said a thing.  Davan was nervous about it, though

Then we did a side trip onto the pedestrian bridge that runs over the train tracks.

This picture is another reproduction of a picture on the cover of the book.  We thought it was funny how often we had to detour a bit to get these pictures.  If they're on the cover, shouldn't they be on the main walks?

Davan drinking from one of the ubiquitous bubblers.

Walking in the park blocks.

Davan, though she's smiling, developed some sort of mental block about this walk and seemed determined not to have fun.  

Even with the bushwhacking by the fountain.

Finding a place that sold vegan cupcakes helped for a while.

Ranger was pretty sure she should get some, too, but, alas, it was chocolate.

We came to this fountain with lots of young people splashing around.  I went to dip my hand in for fun, but Davan refused.  That was just another indication of her mental state on this walk, as that is something she'd normally jump on. 

In fact, we came back to this fountain with another cupcake to share a couple of weeks ago and we both took off our shoes and played in the fountain a bit.  Silly girl.

Walking along on a Pearl District street.  I liked the Lizard Lounge sign.

Okay.  Here's another instance where I can't remember what I was taking a picture of.  It was something about the building behind Davan.  Perhaps it was one of the last remaining single family residences in this area.  What is now the Pearl District was once a factory workers area, then became a warehouse area, then started transitioning into fancy lofts and condos.

We walked under the soaring I-405 interchanges and bridge.  I was trying to give perspective as to just how high these were, but I don't feel like I really got it here.  Oh well.  It's still an interesting picture.

We stopped at some food carts and bought the one vegan option they had.  There were only about four food carts in this lot and we'd been rather looking for them as we'd seen them before.  I liked the filled pastries, but Davan didn't care much for them, but ate them anyway as she was starving.  (I have to wonder.  Did she really not like them or was her her mood again?  They seemed like just the sort of thing she usually likes.  Ah well.)

We did share a little with Ranger, who was taking her place at the table here.

We walked through this natural area, which was a contrast to the fountain where the water is untreated with a supportive eco system of sorts.

We discovered on our way out that Ranger wasn't supposed to have been in there - no dogs allowed.  Opps.

Here we're nearly back to the car.  Davan was quite happy about that.  Luckily for her, it was a relatively short walk at about 3 miles (I think...).

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