Monday, July 23, 2012

Walk #15

The computer seems to be more or less functioning now.  We have to put up with occasional freezing up, causing us to have to to a hard reboot, but it does come back on and it's only happened a couple of times since we made some changes.  We're using a cabled keyboard and mouse, which kind of sucks because it means we're sitting on the floor in front of the TV to use the computer.  We may try a different wireless keyboard and mouse rather than keep up this less than ideal situation.  Or the issue may have been Chrome...we're not really sure yet and I guess we need to do a little more experimenting.  That may happen this week as I'm actually around a lot this week.  Davan has afternoon camp all week and we're planning on mostly just taking some downtime other than that.  Maybe we'll even run the vacuum or something.

I have so much catching up to do and I've not been sure where to start exactly.  I do have some pictures from hiking last week and the week before, but I also, sadly, forgot the camera on two of our backpacking trips.  Sigh.  There are still some events from our Colorado trip I'd like to share.  I've decided, though, that I want to finish the walk series as best as I can.  At this point, I'm having to remember back a month or so and, thus, things may or may not be a little fuzzy.  We'll see as we go along, starting with walk #15.

This walk was the third walk on that Saturday so long ago.  We did a total of 16 miles that day.  Everyone was foot sore and tired by the end, I can tell you.  This one was 6 miles in Garden Homes, the third walk in suburbs to the west of Portland.

There was something special about this tree which I can't for the life of me remember.  It's pretty, at any rate, no?

We passed a Burgerville where we stopped for french fries and asparagus spears for all to share.  Anthony wasn't sure we should stop.  He wanted to save room for pizza after the walk.  Davan and I, though, out voted him and all were glad in the end that we did.  We still had plenty of walk left to do and plenty of appetite for pizza.

Walking along, chatting.  We spent a lot of time walking through neighborhoods and a fair chunk of time with no sidewalks.  Mostly that was okay, as the streets weren't very busy.  There were a couple of exceptions to that, though, where we just went single file and quickly at that.

Davan found enough energy for a bit of a swing, but she did by-pass this park on the way back due to being too tired and too ready for the walk to end.

We also did a little tettertottering.

The main point of this walk seemed to be to walk oneself to this restaurant - a McCormick and Schmick's - a local chain. 

We did not eat there, but we posed for a couple pictures with this destination before turning back to return to the car.

There was some variation, but we pretty much just went back the same way we'd come.  Complete with sidewalk-less busy road sections.

There were also some sections on a multi-use path, which was nice, but I don't seem to have gotten any pictures of it.  I guess we were burning out in more than one way by that walk.  :)

The walk was fine, really.  There were some nice houses and it was mostly quiet streets.  We did enjoy our Burgerville stop.  We found the turnaround point of McCormick and Schmick's to be joke worthy, though, and it certainly wasn't our favorite walk.  We may have liked it better if it hadn't come at the end of a long day, but even so, I really don't think we'd like it enough to do it again.


  1. Glad you have a little time to catch up this week.

  2. Glad your computer is 'mostly' up and running. I have so enjoyed reading your walking series Nicholina. Keilee and I checked and our town doesn't have a 'walking tours' book. There is a Historic Walking Tour and a Civil War tour we are going to take when it cools off a little. How do they cook those asparagus spears? We love asparagus! That is a very pretty tree! ;)

    1. We are lucky to have the book, which the local author was inspired to write having done the walks in Romewalks. I don't think it's a common series for cities.

      They, um, deep fry those asparagus spears - leaving them with the nutritional value of a french fry, probably. :) They are tasty, though.