Tuesday, July 03, 2012

C and D

Yesterday was C day and I made way too much food...sort of.  I made way too much for during the day and then my MIL was coming for dinner, so we were going to take her out for curry, but the restaurant where we were going to go was closed and my flexible MIL was okay with lunch leftovers and the cake I'd made for dessert, so we ended pretty much eating everything.  (Whew.  That was quite the sentence.)  Ranger did get some chickpea crunchies for breakfast today, though.

Anyway, we ate:

Coffee Cake
Chickpea Crunchies

Today is D day, which we were worried about in the beginning, not being able to come up with much, but, once again, I'm pretty sure I've packed way too much food and, once again, we are having company for dinner - my FIL this time.  So, we may well end up with leftovers today.  I hope Ranger likes dip.  Or maybe date squares.

We're eating:

Delightful Date Squares
Doritos (it took some looking to find vegan ones, but I did)
Dip (refried beans, olives, salsa and nutritional yeast all mixed together)
Dumplings (Chinese ones)

The Dhal is the dinner plan.  We'd originally thought of doughnuts, but it's really not looking like we'll need them and I was hesitant to send Davan off to a day of aerial arts camp with doughnuts for breakfast and possibly also for snacks, so we dug deeper and came up other stuff.  Not that Doritos are exactly health food either.  Ah well.  It's just one day.  That's the beauty of it.


  1. How is camp coming?

  2. Love this experiment. Keilee and I have been talking about doing this!

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