Saturday, June 30, 2012

Computer Crash

Friday evening as Anthony was surfing the web, the computer died.  He tried to reboot, but couldn't make it happen, not even in safe mode.  It's looking pretty bad.  I'll take it in on Monday and see if the problem can be fixed or if we're just toast.  I'd be sad to loose pictures and video...we have some backed up, but not nearly all of it.  If that's the case, though, then that's the case.  

Meanwhile, that means no new videos and no new walk summaries.  We're using an old, slow laptop until we know what's what with the main computer.  I may not be blogging much until we have a resolution.  

I will let you in on our latest goof-ball thing, though.  A couple of months ago, we got an idea to eat according to the alphabet.  An ABC food challenge, as it were.  We had fun listing foods for each letter, then took it to the internet, where we discovered that this idea was not unique to us.  Still, we thought it would be fun.  Davan didn't want to do it until after Lena left, though, feeling it might interfere with their social eating.  

Yesterday, Davan and I talked about it again.  We decided to give it a go.  All three of us are doing it.  Today we ate (not everyone ate everything listed, but between the three of us we ate all this):

Apple Crisp
Apricots (dried and fresh)
African Bean Soup

We decided not to be too overly strict, as it's supposed to be fun, so, for example, if we wanted, we could eat African Bean Soup today under A, but also under S as soup.  

On the menu for tomorrow is:

Baked Beans
Boca Burgers (with fixings)

The whole thing will require extra food work from me, as we can't have leftovers the next day for lunch, which is something we do pretty often and Anthony can't just pack his usual breakfast of oatmeal.  He and Davan (who is doing an all day camp this week) will both need food of the appropriate letter prepared the previous day to pack for lunches and snacks.

I imagine I'll be really glad when it's over.  We also know already that there are some challenging days ahead, but we've got some good potential items listed for everyday except X.  We're not totally sure what we're going to do with that day except that Davan, for sure, won't be fasting.


  1. Sometimes they can take off what is on the hard drive and put it on a new, external, hard drive if you want to try and save the pictures. Depends on what died. Are you taking it to some small geeky shop? I hope so I think that is usually better than one of those big stores.

    1. Yes, there's a small place near us I'm planning on taking it to. We'll see, I guess!

  2. This is so strange. MY 2nd hard drive, with all my pictures and videos for 7 YEARS is corrupted. I seriously cried my eyes out Sunday. Every picture I have ever made of Keilee. I am praying that someone can grab them off but I am laid off for 3 weeks and will have to wait. I agree with Constance, most of the time they can get your info.

    I LOVE your ABC eating plan. You girls do the coolest stuff! Can't wait to see the list through "Z".

    1. I am really hoping to get those pictures and videos, but I actually am feeling the worst about a story Davan has been writing for a Not Back to School Camp workshop she signed up for. It'd really suck for her to loose that.

      And music...actually it'll really suck in lots of ways if it's gone! I have high hopes for recovery, but I'm waiting to hear back from the repair shop.

      I hope you're able to get your pictures and videos - 7 years would be a seriously long time to loose! I think we last backed up about two years ago. Sigh.