Sunday, June 03, 2012

Surprise Visitor

So, Friday afternoon, a few hours before show time, Davan got a text from Lena.  Lena came home from graduation rehearsal for her high school to find her mom there.  This wouldn't have been surprising if it had been her host mom, but no, it was her mom-mom, come from Switzerland for a surprise visit.  (As an aside, Lena's host parents did know about the visit.)

We weren't sure if Lena would still be able to/want to come to the play.  We invited her mom to come along, as well, if she desired.  Lena ended up still coming.  Apparently, one of the reasons they didn't tell her ahead of time is that they didn't want her to change any of her plans.  Lena's mom, though, passed on the play for other plans.

We got to meet her last night, though!  Davan asked to do some of the Rose Festival activities this year (there are parades, a fun center, dragon boat races - all sorts of things), so we'd made plans to take Lena with us to the Starlight Parade last night.  Lena's mom, Karen, was able to join us.  It was great to get to know her a bit!

We went out to eat first.

Then we found a place from which to watch the parade.  Anthony's mom joined us, as well.

The parade was fun, but it got pretty chilly and rather late before it was over, so we left without seeing the end.

Davan and Lena, of course, found ways to entertain themselves while waiting and when there were gaps in the parade.

It was so funny.  When I got the camera out after they started doing a new trick and getting it each time, they started falling in the bushes.  Then they got it again.

I tried to take some video of them later, when it was full dark, but you can't see them well enough to make it worthwhile.  They were doing unison cartwheel, three steps, cartwheel all the way up the blocked off street behind where we were standing.  It was impressive enough that people turned around and watched them.  Of course, that was during a pause in the passing of the parade, so they didn't have a lot to compete with.  :)

It was a fun evening, even if we were out a bit late for some of us old folk.  Karen was good company and super nice.  I felt fine with sending Davan off to Switzerland to stay with Lena's family, but I'm even more comfortable with it now.

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  1. How exciting for Lena! I just know Davan will miss her so much when she goes back home.

    LOVE the video. Keilee and I laughed with Davan fell in the bushes. She is such a cutie!