Thursday, June 07, 2012

Plenty to Say, But No Time!

I have a ton I want to blog about.  Davan and I have done 11 of the 20 walks now, for one.  Davan and Lena let me come to the park and film them for another, so I've got a video to make.  News has come up at Do Jump that may change the course of the next six months.  Time, though, is a little short.  We've been so busy.  This evening, I actually have a little down time, but I also need to spend some time with Anthony, so that's got to take priority.

I've got a few minutes, though, so I'll tell you about Do Jump.  One of the directors of Zig Zags announced on Tuesday that there were going to be auditions in August for a long run of holiday shows to take place in December.  There would be extra rehearsals - two each week, then the long run of shows.  This is Davan's dream.  So...we're waiting for more information, but she may miss one or both camps she has scheduled for August.  Both would be because she might try to visit Lena then rather than in December.  At least one would be for the audition.

We're waiting with bated breath for the audition announcement so she can decide what she wants to do.  We'll let you know when we do!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Huge decisions! Let me know what happens.