Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Mile an Hour Days

It seems that when Davan and I do our walks, we usually manage about 2 miles an hour.  Now, keep in mind that that is overall.  That's the whole time for the walk, including stopping to read, playing at parks, stopping for food - the whole shebang.  Still, it's an interesting thing.  We're not moving very fast, but we're really busy all day!

While I've only blogged up to walk 6, we just finished walk 19 this evening.  Tomorrow morning we'll do 20 and have made the challenge with time for our soak!  We're pretty excited about it.  We've had a great time over-all (there have been ups and downs, of course), but we're foot sore and will be really ready for that soak and for the long day (plus a short day) of sitting in the car.  Other than maybe that whole stiffening up thing...ah well, for now, I'm looking on the bright side.

We've also been busy with things like all the usual Do Jump stuff plus the end of term adult class shows, Poekoelan (although I did skip class on Saturday in order to get in the walks we needed to to), a performance on Sunday for Davan and getting ready for our trip.

I still have to pack, but we're pretty much ready other than that.  We've got road trip food, a fairly clean house, cat care set up (Ranger will come with us), laundry mostly done (I will do one more load tomorrow) and Lena gathered up.  She'll be spending tomorrow with us and we're getting an early start, so we picked her up this evening to gather her and her suitcase for the trip.  She and Davan are giggling in Davan's room as I type.

So, it's all coming together.  I may blog about one more walk this evening and there may end up being time for one or two entries tomorrow, but I am loading up my walking pictures on a stick and taking them to Colorado where I expect that I'll actually have a little more free time.

Our days of moving along at two miles an hour nearly done, but our next adventure is soon to begin.  Stay tuned.  :)


  1. And of course there are lots of computers here to be used for blogging and such.

  2. I can't believe you have done that many. I am so impressed and can't wait to hear about each and every one. And your trip!! I know there will be awesome pictures and stories from that!