Friday, June 08, 2012

Walk #6

We didn't get to our Monday walk until evening because of a combination of morning rain and a seriously busy day.  Davan left home at 9:40am and didn't come home until after our walk at 8:30pm.  I got to leave a little later, after packing snacks for us, and also got to return once to throw a dinner together and pack it for Davan and I to eat in the car.  I left Anthony's at home because we worked late.

In between the home times, Davan taught, I worked in the office at Do Jump, we went to Sky High so Davan and Lena could show Lena's mom their stuff, Davan had straps class, Davan had her back appointment and we did our walk.  Whew.  Particularly for Davan, who I thought might not be up for the walk, as she was drooping a bit at Sky High.  In retrospect, I think it was more about being worried about the rest of the day than how she was actually feeling then.

Our walk was great!  We did 4.5 miles in the Sullivan Gulch area.

We saw lots of great houses, but we employed our trick of not reading about them all in great detail.

We really liked this chimney, made of a mix of brick and river rock.

We went by two playgrounds.

As things were a little wet, Davan didn't end spending much time on either of them.  And the second one wasn't great.

What was great was this dessert snack I made for us.

And some of the lovely tree lined streets including this one with a rope hanging over the sidewalk.

Our rule is that if it's over the sidewalk, it's fair game.

We didn't love the rain that poured down on us for the last 10 minutes, but we were very glad it was the last 10 minutes and we just walked fast, then drove home a bit wet.

Or, you know, soaked through on the pants where I didn't have rain protection.  :)

Ranger wasn't thrilled about the wet, either.

Even with the rain, though, we had a really nice evening together and the walk was a fun, varied path.  We'd do this one again.


  1. Love the brick and river rock chimney! Also the purple playground. Keep walking. Love reading about these. :)