Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Walk #3

On Saturday we did our third of twenty walks from the book Portland City Walks.  We did the Fern Hill Park to Alberta St Loop which was 4.3 miles.  It rained a bit on the drive there, which made us nervous.  Here's Davan reading the introduction to the walk in the car, waiting and hoping for the rain to stop.

We started in a park with an off leash area, much to Ranger's delight.

And a cool tree, much to Davan's delight.

Of course, there were also interesting houses, which were what the author was pointing out.

Just a little bit further on in the walk, we found the playground in the same park, but at the opposite corner.

After a (ahem) brief stop, we continued on.

We liked this neighborhood really well - at least most of it.  This church below, built in the 1930s, became a new being when two congregations, one black and one white, joined together to become one in 1984.  It's now big on being welcoming to all types.

We liked the "green" roof on this house.

We passed through the small but pretty Concordia University campus.

And we managed to find another playground.

On we went, seeing an interesting sculpture in someone's front yard.

And reading about interesting houses.

We walked a ways on Alberta St, which is a thriving shopping/restaurant district. We found something we wanted.

After that, it was too much trouble juggling dog, book and bread to take many more pictures.  While I truly think we'd have had more bread left if we hadn't had to use the bag for a surprise third offering for this walk by Ranger, this is how much was left when we got to the car.

We did save that portion for Anthony.

While on the walk, we'd gone by the Kennedy School, but couldn't go in because of having Ranger with us.  Davan really wanted to go in, though, so we went by on the way home, leaving Ranger in the car.

While I've been there before, I never realized they had a soaking pool.  Davan and I really want to go for a soak.  We've been trying to map out our available walk times to get our challenge done and our last slot happens between an orthodontist appointment and a back study appointment on Tuesday the 12th.  If we've completed the challenge before then, we're going to reward ourselves with a soak during that time.  Otherwise, it'll have to wait.


  1. I love this idea. A walking tour. I think our town has ONE! I would love to find out if a nearby town has any. I love all your pictures. That tree is so awesome. And I love how Davan plays on every playground.

    I can't imagine Nomad without a lease! We can't walk him WITH a lease most of the time.

    I'm about to follow your link to Kennedy School. I am not familiar with that.

    1. Ranger does well in off leash areas, but she's not always well behaved on leash! She is always wanting to cross in front of us, pull ahead, stop to sniff or to say hi to other dogs, which often involves barking and jumping about at the end of her leash!