Monday, June 11, 2012

Walk #7

Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and went for a walk because, really, that's what we've been doing for pretty much the last two weeks.  This walk was 6 miles in the Brooklyn and Sellwood area.  It was a pretty good one, but not one of our overall favorites.

These areas are some of the oldest in Portland, being platted in the 1860s and 1880s, so there was quite a bit of local history.

Davan was finishing up reading the intro when we parked.

Ranger, who seems to be starting to feel like all the walking is getting out of hand, is still raring to go for the first walk of the day each day.  She had little patience for the reading.

But, soon we were on our way.

As usual, we saw interesting houses.

One of my favorites, just because it's different, was not mentioned in the book.

 This walk included some nice overviews of the Willamate River.

We went by three playgrounds, but two of them were school grounds and school was in, so a hasty climb was all that we felt comfortable with.

But, the third one was just a park, so Davan spent a little more time there.

Even though it meant climbing a pretty steep hill near the end of our six miles.

In addition, we found two over-the-sidewalk private swings.

Passing through a business district allowed us to get a couple of bagels to share at a local bagel shop.  I liked them a bit better than the ones we've been getting near here (a chain), but Davan said she thought that she liked our usual ones a little bit better.

We also passed through some less than pleasant industrial areas, which I seem not to have photographed.

It was a good walk...

But it was also the day that we realized that our longest days were ahead of us if we were going to complete the challenge.  In fact, we already knew we would be doing a second walk that afternoon in between Poekoelan and Do Jump.  

Yup, we've been getting a lot of exercise.  Not to worry, though, we're keeping our calorie intake up, too, as you can see by our snacks.  I did just realize, though, that we missed a couple of snacks we had on this walk - strawberries and...darn, I can't remember.  I got better at snapping a pick of our eats later.  You'll see.  We're not wasting away over here.


  1. Quite the challenge to fit in with everything else in your life, and the short time frame before your trip here.

  2. Another great walk! I just called Keilee in and we went back through all your walks and she loved that Davan found something to climb/swing/hang on no matter where you were. I LOVE that log cabin house. Very cool.