Sunday, June 03, 2012

Show Night

I don't have pictures to share, but I did want to say that the play went well.  Davan had a cheering audience of myself, Anthony, Lena (who we thought might not make it at the last minute, but that's a story for another post), my MIL, my FIL and his wife, her friend Tanner and his moms.  She had mixed feelings about people coming, so the turn out was good - supportive, but not overwhelming.

The kids did a good job.  It was the best run through of the play they've done.  There were very few line errors overall and I think most people probably didn't really notice.  The very young monkey spent the whole time on stage waving and gesturing to his parents in the audience, but everyone thought he was sweet.

Davan did great!  She had a lot of positive response after the show.  There was one comment, though, that was flattering to her acting skills, but not necessarily positive I want to share.  Lena said to me at the first blackout, "That was really weird.  I've never seen Davan be mean before."  LOL

I hope to have pictures to share later, as there was a photographer and a videographer.  It may take a while, though.

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