Thursday, July 05, 2012

E and F

E day fell on the 4th.  We'd pretty much opted not to do anything special on the 4th this year.  Anthony wanted to watch the Tour de France and go for a ride.  I wanted to go help a friend move in the morning and then read Bitterblue all afternoon.  Davan wanted to sleep in and work on a story she's writing.  Ranger wanted for there to be no fireworks at all anywhere in her hearing, thank you very much.  Add all of that into the fact that Davan had camp today and Anthony had work, meaning an early-ish morning for all, we opted not to go to a fireworks show.  We could have had a nice picnic, as we've done on past 4ths, but we all really seemed to just want to chill.  Plus, our food...well, it was a little odd, but we could have packed it up, I guess.

We ate:

English Muffins
Enchiladas (sweet potato/black bean)
Elephant Ears (using this recipe, minus the egg and halving it to avoid leftovers)

Today is F and on the menu for the day is:

French Fries
Flat Bread
Fig Bars

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