Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Latest Camp

Davan did another aerial arts camp this week.  This time it was the teen intensive at AWOL.  Camp was from 1-4pm Monday through Friday. 

Davan was pleased to find that some people she'd met before at AWOL (she did camp there the last two summers and did a couple of drop in classes there a couple years ago) were there again.  One person in particular she really enjoys and this time they exchanged contact information, so hopefully they'll stay in touch.

Additionally, she made friends with someone she's done camp with before there, but hadn't really gotten to know.  They also exchanged contact information.

I stayed and did some (Do Jump) work there on my lap top on Friday as the end of camp show schedule meant that I wouldn't have much time to bother with if I'd driven home.  It was nice to see the girls hanging out on break - talking and playing games.  There were a couple of younger girls - maybe 11 or 12, but most of them were 13 or 14 and on up.  They all seemed to get along well with maybe the younger two being a little on the outside.

So, the social aspect of the week was good.  The learning part?  Well...let's just say that calling it advanced camp was maybe overstating things.  At the beginning of the week, in fact, Davan said that she didn't think she'd do it again next year as it just wasn't working her at all.  But she also said that after having taken a couple of weeks off of aerial (no camps, no classes - lots of hiking and camping), it was good for easing back in and working up toward going to Circus Smirkus.

At the end of camp show I definitely saw that Davan hadn't been overly challenged.  However, she did perform one skill that has been a stumbling block for her.  She has been avoiding open drops which are drops where you let go of one part of the fabric and grab onto another part during the fall.  If you miss, the fabric doesn't catch you like it should, so it can be really scary.  Davan started doing open fall this week, though, and she said it wasn't too bad.  She also said she sort of felt like maybe she was just ready.

Driving home after the show, Davan said that she did want to do the camp next year after all if she was in town that week.  She enjoyed the other girls who did camp and, while she didn't come home tired, she did keep her toe in so to speak, which she feels she needs to do over the summer.

Over all, it was a good experience.  She liked the teacher who was very nice.  She enjoyed the social part.  She did some work.  She started doing open drops.  Not too shabby.

(And, yes, I know - bad me for not having any pictures.  I forgot the camera for the show!  I can't believe how often I've been forgetting it these days!)

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