Monday, August 13, 2012

A Couple of Picture of Davan at Camp

We got a letter from Davan over the weekend.  It was okay.  She, unfortunately, was sick and having a hard time dealing with that at camp, but seemed to be handling it alright.  She wasn't loving it like she hoped she would and said she probably wouldn't go back next year.  Sigh.  It wasn't an easy letter to get, I have to say.  I sure hope that, as she has settled in more and started feeling better she's been having more fun.  It wasn't a total downer, though.

Davan said that the instructors seemed to be impressed with her aerial skills, which are pretty high in comparison to the general level of camp.  Her tumbling is up there, but not the best.  Her juggling is...not as horrible as she thought it would be.  Apparently, she's makes a pretty decent clown with entertaining faces.  This does not surprise me one bit, although it seems to surprise her.

Okay.  So the promised pictures.  The camp posts about a zillion pictures a day on their flicker account.  I've weeded through to find a few of Davan to share with you. 

Here she is in a group - dancing?  She's the one in teal on the right side a couple rows back:

In the afternoons for an hour or so before dinner, they do some non-circus activity.  The day that Davan wrote the "I'm sick letter," they, to her horror, played ultimate frisbee.  Davan said in her letter that she didn't get the game.  Here she is "playing" - you can tell which one she is because she's the one just standing there with her back to us:

Later that same day, after dinner, they played kickball.  We were surprised to find this picture, which would indicate that Davan actually kicked the ball.  Go Davan!  She's running from first to second:

And here she is standing with a gaggle of people on first base, indicating that she, once again, successfully kicked the ball.  The gaggle would also indicate that they were playing with some alternative rules.

In this picture, she's the one on the red fabric.  I know she would think this was fun:

They have themed dress up dinners every night.  Davan went with a limited amount of dress up stuff, as she had to fit everything into two bags for flying and she had to take her own bedding and pillow!  Davan seems to be managing with what she took, though.  She said in her letter that she dressed as a ninja for ninja vs pirates night by wearing all black with her black leotard on her head.  Anyway, this series of shots was taken from one of the dinners.  I'm assuming it was fairy tale night.  And, yes, that's her hat - one of the few dress up things she took:

Here she is, um, juggling:

While it's not the most clear, here's Davan on fabric:

Here's more dancing.  With it being a smaller group this time, I'm thinking this will be part of the ensemble show they're creating:

They had some sort of wild west activity Sunday evening.  Davan is the one with the red scarf (her other costume item that she packed) who's face is visible:

And that, my friends, is all I've got, at least in the way of pictures of Davan, but I'll leave you with one last bit from the letter.  I'll type this in verbatim because I was amused by it.  She'd been talking about the first day and the check in process.

"Then we heard a lot of rules.  Some make a good bit of sense, but then there are a few that really don't.  For instance, no upside-down flippy things outside of the tent.  Really?  This is a circus camp people!"

From the way she says it, it sound like that means even things like cartwheels.  That would, indeed, put a crimp in Davan's life style.  Poor kid.  :)

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  1. She loves that fabric circle thing from what she said in her letter.