Friday, August 17, 2012

And We Got a Letter!

After the gift of Davan's phone call this afternoon, we checked the mail to find a letter from her.  It's the first letter that I'd classify as upbeat.  She wrote it on Tuesday. 

She'd had a good time at the Derby Days thing the campers went to on Saturday.  She particularly liked the big inflatable slide (I knew she would when I saw those pictures, but she wasn't in any of them) and the library in town which straddles the boarder between the US and Canada.  She was very excited that, on the Canadian side, many of the books were in French.

This week they've been pretty exclusively working on the show, which she was thrilled about.  She got to be in the fabric piece she wanted to be in and the dance piece she wanted to be in, but was bummed that the dance piece had been changed to hip hop. 

They played a game one evening called Zombie Apocalypse, which she loved, even though she really thought she wouldn't.  That's the night there was the picture of her arm and arm with another girl with a big smile.

The other girl, it turns out, is her roommate, whom she was getting along with quite well by then.  Davan said while it's still true that she's really different, they have a lot in common, too, and have epic discussions about circus stuff and all that goes along with it.  She said she's friendly with pretty much everyone in her rotation (one exception) but told us a little more about her one particular friend.

I'm so very glad that she ended up having fun.  I'm proud of her for working through everything and not just letting herself fall into the pit of homesickness and negativity.  And I'm so excited to see her tomorrow!  I wish it were a little earlier in the day, though.  Sigh.

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  1. Today will pass slowly. I know the feeling, I get it when it is time for me to go home. Give her a hug for me.