Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today's Camp Pics

I was looking at the new picture additions for Circus Smirkus and finding slim pickings of my young one.

Here she is in the green tank top on the left side of the picture:

There's another, just like that one that I won't even bother with.  Sigh.  I was thinking, gee, all these 100s of pictures and this is all I get to see of my kid?  I guess that's the way these things go some times. 

I did find this one from the after dinner activity.  She's on the right hand side, in black with the red bandana that looks like it's flapping in her face:

I was thinking I would have to live with that.  At least I know she's participating in things and is, you know, alive and all that.  But then, I found this:

Egads - doesn't she look happy?  This just totally made my day.

1 comment:

  1. She does look happy. I know from my travels I mainly talk about the not so good stuff. But later I am glad I did what I did and can remember the good times. Look like she is having some of those. And so good on her for doing all this. She is out there taking on the world.