Friday, August 10, 2012

We Got Our First Letter and Other News of the Week

I fully expected to have to wait until at least Saturday, when we'll actually not be here to check the mail, so really, Sunday, to get a letter from Davan.  Imagine my delight when we opened the box yesterday to find a letter! 

Davan wrote it Sunday and had only gotten in late on Saturday, so there wasn't a ton to share, but she did say she'd met some people and that most people had been going to Circus Smirkus for years.  She stayed up late talking with a temporary roommate (camp didn't officially start until Sunday evening, so they were in an interim dorm Saturday night) who was the only other first time camper she'd come across. 

She said she had a bit of a hard time Sunday morning (I imagine she was exhausted!) and kind of just wanted to be home, but it was better already by the time she wrote the letter which was pre-lunch, as she'd only told us about breakfast.

I hope we get more letters, but I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't supper frequent.  Once camp starts, they keep them pretty busy.

Meanwhile, at home, Anthony took Monday and Tuesday off for his birthday, which was on Tuesday.  After some schedule juggling on my part (he didn't tell me until Sunday evening!), I freed up those days and we had some couple time.  We went back to the alpine slide on Monday, as Anthony enjoys it but wasn't able to go with Davan and I previously. 

Tuesday he went for a long morning bike ride while I did a not-as-long-but-still-long run with Ranger.  We met back up for lunch out and a trip to the mall for his birthday shopping.  He had to come help pick things out because he wanted slacks for work and a pair of shoes for work.  These are things that need to be tried on.

I've barely been to Poekoelan due to a combination of kickball, spending time with Anthony on his days off and a bit of laziness in regards to Wednesday night class. 

I'm hanging in there, but have had some down moments, missing Davan and hoping she's doing well.  I'm hoping to hear more about how camp is once it's started.  Of course, if it's not fun, that will make things worse.  I'm fairly sure she's having a blast, though.  Or, at least, so I keep telling myself.


  1. Sweet of her to write a letter so soon. I hope there are lots more good times than the not so good times. And I know she is proud of herself for going. Who would of though. We all though she would still be breastfeeding, sleeping with you and carrying bunny around still. LOL

  2. For get to say.....You have come a long way Davan!! You go girl.