Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making Time for Friends

Although Davan was home for a very short period of time, she made time to see her friends while she was in between camps.  In past summers, some of these kids have done all week make up your own type camps together.

Two summers ago, they (in a slightly different combination of people) all came to our house every day for a week and created a show together for friends and family.  They had a blast and named it Pat Plane Camp.

Last summer the setting changed as we were now in a condo rather than a house with a yard and trampoline.  They still spent a week together, but it was doing stuff like visiting neighborhood parks and going out to eat on Hawthorne, going to Safari Sam's, or going to a place with a bunch of inflatables to play on.  They also lucked out and one family took them all to the beach overnight, as well, and stopped at Sky High on the way home.  They, again, had a blast.

The schedule this summer was such that the only time everyone was in town together was on Monday.  So, rather than a whole week, they had a couple of hours at Sky High.  It wasn't quite the same, but it was still fun.  I think they're hoping to go back to the week long format next summer, but with this group of busy kids, I guess we'll see what develops.

Here's a video I put together of their time at Sky High.

Davan, even though she was feeling a little pressed for time, had a really great time.  She always smiles a lot with this group.  Afterward, though, she confessed that going to Sky High made her miss Lena, as that was kind of their place this last year.


  1. It is good to make times for friends. I bet she was thinking of Lena. It is just too darn bad that that did not turn out to be a local friend.

  2. So glad she was able to make time for her friends. I know she missed Lena...I think of them often and all the cool things they did together. Hope Davan is having a wonderful time!