Saturday, August 04, 2012


We got up way too early this morning. 

We grabbed bags and loaded into the car.  Notice that it's dark out.

We drove to the airport and parked.

We crossed the pedestrian bridge into the airport.

Some of us were excited.

Anthony labeled the suitcase for checking.

We parted ways at the security zone.

See that those eyes are extra bright?  Yeah.  She was excited, but also got teary when it was time to say goodbye.

We decided not to prolong things, gave her kisses and left.  It was so, so hard.  We were very quiet on the car ride home.  Just as we were pulling in, our phones alerted us to messages.  Davan texted that she'd gotten through security smoothly, was turning off her phone and she loved us. 

Davan has flown alone before, but only to go visit her grandparents and she's never had to self navigate a layover.  She's getting all grown up!  I don't know if I like it.

I'm doing okay.  I'm tired from not sleeping well and I'm hoping she'll have a great time, but I'm pretty okay, even though I titled this post "sob."  And, actually, I like it very well that she's capable of and wanting this adventure, even though I'll miss her.

This doing okay thing in spite of the fact that an hour after Davan texted from DC saying that she was getting on her next flight, she texted again.  The flight is an hour and 45 minutes long, so that wasn't a good sign.  Turns out they had a mechanical problem and, after sitting on board on the tarmac in the 96 degree heat for about 45 minutes, they came back to the gate.  She was concerned about her ride and all.  So concerned she actually broke down and called rather than relying on texts.  LOL  I assured her that they had her flight information and would be keeping track of things, but said I'd call if she wanted.  She did.  They were on the ball.  The flight was delayed about 3 hours all together.  Bummer.  She's flying on that second leg as I write this post.

We'll hear from her again when she lands and when she's driving to camp, but not once she's there, as they have a no cell phone policy and Davan is nothing if not a rule follower.  She won't even break the rules to text me occasional updates.  Rotten kid. 

I suspect, though, that she's going to have a grand time.  I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when she gets home.  In two weeks.  For a grand total of two days and three nights.  Before she leaves me again.  Rotten kid.


  1. So strange to have your child(ren) go and do stuff. My two are heading off for a road trip this week. They leave tomorrow.

    How is it that Davan, the five year old I had in my Girl Scout troop who was so... high maintenance... is now Davan, the almost-adult handling her own travel?

    I guess it makes sense, since my two are now 19 and 25.

    Holy cow.

  2. Did you hear from here on the ride to the camp?

  3. Seriously I don't know if I could do this right now. Keilee is a little younger but I would just go to pieces. I am proud of you for being strong and can't wait to hear about Davan's adventures!