Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And She's Gone Again

We were all three so delighted when Davan finally, after more travel delays, made it home Saturday night.  We fed her, heard some stories and all went to bed. 

Sunday was a day for sleeping in as late as we could.  Davan only made it to 7:30, but that's pretty good, considering she'd been waking up at 6am Eastern time for the last couple of weeks.  We had a pancake breakfast, heard more stories, told her news of our own, unpacked, did laundry, walked the dog all together, showed new things we could do, ate favorite meals, started repacking, and snuggled on the couch all together watching season two of Modern Family.  Davan was exceedingly happy to do some vegging after all the on the go-nes of her couple of weeks at camp.

Anthony had to go back to work on Monday and Davan had made previous plans with friends.  She kind of was wishing she hadn't, as another day of just down time was sounding good to her, but she ended up having a blast with a few of her favorite Do Jump people.  I took them to Sky High.  Video to possibly follow - the computer is acting up again.  We also walked the dog together a couple times, did more packing and ate more favorite foods.

We had pizza for dinner and watched more Modern Family while cuddled on the couch for the evening.

By bed time, Davan was feeling a little weepy about the idea of having to leave home again the next day.  By Tuesday morning, it wasn't better by any stretch.  We walked Ranger together, had a hearty breakfast, which I hardly ate any off after a couple day stretch of robust eating, but Davan enjoyed, and did the final packing.  By the time we left, Davan was in tears.  Sigh.

I'm sad to say that she cried all the way to the train station and I not only didn't know how to help her, but made it worse.  Luckily, Anthony met us there to say good-bye and he was able to pep her up a bit.  There ended up being a dozen or so Not Back to School campers on the same bus and they all sat together.  She wasn't crying as they pulled away, but I'm pretty sure it was a close thing.

I went home and sent Davan a letter right away.   Then I realized I could text her.  So, I did.  I texted her all the encouragement that didn't come earlier when I just said the wrong things.  Hours went by, then the texted back, not having heard them until then because her ringer was off.  She was doing fine and was excited about camp, but still lamenting the timing.  She said the people she'd met so far were "interesting but I think I like them."  I was very relieved that she sounded upbeat.

I didn't keep her too long, though, as the point was to be with them.  And, once the get to camp, there is no cell phone reception.  So, now it's just the wait for letters to hear how it's going again.  This time, it'll be a lot faster delivery, though, as it's in state.

It's so quiet at home.  Sigh.  I miss her.  I hope she's having a great time.


  1. How hard to send her off again...for both of you. Glad you were able to touch base. She will get so many good things from this. Hang in there Mama. :)