Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Set of Smirkus Pics

Last night, Davan's group, ensemble, had their show.  Today, pictures were posted.  I've got quite a few to share today, so be warned.  I won't know if you don't look at them all.  :)

There were some from the dress rehearsal and Davan was in a few of those, but the actual show photos are better, so I'm skipping the others.  If I haven't mentioned it here, the ensemble did a Wizard of Oz show.

The before show cheer - Davan is to the right of this picture:

In this depiction of being whisked off to Oz, Davan is in the back, doing a sort of side bend.

Here she's on top of the fabric on the left side.

Still on that left hand fabric.

Now she's front and center.

And still...

And yet still.

Here she is in the tragically turned into hip hop dance as, apparently, one of the Wicked Which of the West's flying monkeys.  She's in the back on the left.

While there are quite a few pictures of this dance, Davan is exactly blocked by the front and center guy for most of them.  But, luckily for us, there are a few more she's in.  :)

This is my favorite from the dance:

The next piece that Davan is in is when the heroes are put under a magical sleeping spell.  In this picture, Davan is in the back on the right.

And now she's on the hoop in the front.

On the left side hoop:

Now she's on the left side trapeze.


And yet still.

Now she's moved to the right.  Just for a change.

And now back to the left...

Getting enough of these?  Yeah, me neither.  Now she's front and center.

And now they've made it to the Emerald City.  Davan's on the far right.

Getting into a two high to the left of center.


Follow the Davan - in the back on the right, doing a thigh stand.

And now there are like a dozen of Davan doing the same thing in the back - standing on some poor kneeling people with her arms up.  This must have lasted forever.  I'll just give you the one example, though.

Davan's entrance for the final bow.

Davan being a base for the final bow.

Post show/saying goodbye huddle.


  1. Great pictures and I looked at them ALL in large individual tabs.

  2. This.looks.amazing! Gorgeous. Keilee is standing here oohing and ahhing. She said, "That is right up Davan's alley" :) Love how we are all so connected even though we are far away and never met in person. I would LOVE to see her perform something like this.