Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book Review: On Agate Hill by Lee Smith

I listened to this book and actually finished up early in the week because I've been doing even more crafts - shesh - and have gotten in some good listening while cooking time, as well, with Davan busy in her room making presents. Even though the book was twelve disks long, I was really sad to come to the end.

On Agate Hill was performed by Kate Forbes, Danial Ferland, Katie Firth and others, all of whom did a good job of it. The book, while following Molly Petree from her 13th birthday until her death as an old woman, does shift perspective at times. For each perspective shift, we get a new narrator for that character.

Molly has a very rough childhood and, at 13, is living in the aftermath of the Civil War in the south. Her family has been hit hard and it's hard on her. Given chances, though, she does bound back and we follow her through it all - leaving Agate Hill for many years and, eventually returning.

I felt the story was enhanced by the perspectives of the characters we get to hear from who are around Molly and I enjoyed those shifts, while staying true to following Molly's tale.

I highly recommend On Agate Hill, giving it a 9, and I will be looking for other books by Lee Smith.

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