Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ups and Downs of Today

Today started off fun with Davan celebration St Lucia's Day by bringing us tea and gingerbread in bed this morning:

Her outfit included a crown of "candles" which she initially forgot, but later remembered and put on. It was a festive way to start the day.

This is the second time that we've celebrated St. Lucia's day, which was initially sparked a couple years ago by Kirsten, one of the American Girls.

Then, though, the down part started with us checking the weather and discovering that the overwhelming possibility is for rain on the mountain on Wednesday, which is when her snow/sledding party is for her birthday. As if it's not bad enough that one of the two invitees isn't coming, but now, the central piece of her party isn't going to happen.

Davan, being the sort of person who thinks that the planning part of things is a good part of the fun, has a whole themed party planned around snow and now feels like she can't do any of her party that she had planned because there will be no going to the snow.

While I very much understand her disappointment, she's also gotten to the point where we can't talk about it anymore because she's reacting negatively to pretty much everything. I had to leave to go for a walk. We're now trying to work things out via notes, which typically works better for us. Sigh.

We're off shortly to go to a friend's house. I'm a little worried about how that is going to go, given Davan's mood. Sigh again.

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