Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day

I had a very busy Christmas Eve, but also a good one with time with friends and family, both, followed by a great Christmas. Today is all about recovery.

We met friends for coffee in the morning on Christmas Eve and went to my MIL's for Christmas Eve dinner. In between, I frantically finished gifts (mostly the rag rug that did end up being for Bunny due to size), wrapped, cooked with Davan's help,

planned Davan's scavenger hunt for the next day with Anthony and got in a rehearsal for Davan's and my Christmas show. Whew. I was whopped by the time I went to bed, which, while not horribly late was after Davan opened her Christmas Eve gift (footie pjs usually):

and I finished the wrapping and putting out of presents.

Christmas was great, though, we were busy with Christmas from dusk to dawn, but in a fun way. Davan was so excited to see the pile on Christmas morning:

We opened gifts, taking the time to enjoy them as they were opened,
(This hat that Anthony got Davan was one of her favorite gifts)
(Even Bunny got gifts)
(Davan gave this customized box to Oscar who promptly spent most of his day in it)
(In fact, Davan made a lot of gifts, including this customized baseball cap for her Tad-ku)

got food as it was wanted, spent almost two hours outside in the 30+ mile per hour winds going along with Davan on her scavenger hunt,

played new games, both store bought and Davan conceived,

visited with my parents and generally made merry. Again, I was really ready for bed in the evening, though!

Today we're recovering. We slept in, we're putting things away, cleaning up, and relaxing. I hope your holiday was merry!

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